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“Green Heart” Outdoor Gyms Turn Burned Calories into Clean Energy

TGO Press lifts

The choice of low environmental impact sources of energy is one of the founding principles of sustainability, but many people often forget that we have the potential to create energy via our own physical activities: walking, running, and cardio exercise. The British Great Outdoor Gym Company has created “Green Heart”; the first network of eco-friendly outdoor gyms capable of turning burned calories into clean energy. The Kilowatts produced by the users while they’re exercising enter a local energy network, so citizens can save on their utility bills. Additionally, all the electronic devices and equipment inside the gym get to recharge overnight, thanks to all the people working out during the day.

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6 Ways for You to Give Back This Thanksgiving and Beyond


Thanksgiving is a time of plenty, and of appreciation. It’s a holiday in which we’ll get together with friends and family to celebrate the bounty of the autumn harvest, to share food and drink, and spend time with people we love. Those of us whose celebrations will consist of ample food and a warm place in which to eat it are among the very privileged; there are millions who won’t be so fortunate, unless we reach out and offer a helping hand. This year, please consider helping others in need via one of the methods mentioned below.

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Survey Shows Many Americans Would Rather Adapt to Climate Change than Do Something About It

Climate change survey 2

Survey results published in the journal Nature Climate Change this week have proven dumbfounding, to say the least. The results suggested that for Americans “personal experience with weather or climate variability may help cultivate support for adaptive measures, but it may not increase support for mitigation policies.” In other words, while people generally recognized that change was happening, many would rather deal with the fallout later than make any lifestyle changes now that would involve curbing climate change-inducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Clever ‘Floyd Legs’ Turn Any Surface into an Industrial Table

The Floyd Leg, kyle hoff, diy table, reclaimed materials, made in detroit, table legs, green furniture, eco table

Moving with furniture can be a pain, especially with big pieces like tables, but what if you could take your table apart? That’s the concept behind the Floyd Leg, a super sturdy steel table leg that can be clamped down onto any surface. A whole set of Floyd Legs combined with any ole surface, say an old door, reclaimed wood, glass, or even a big street sign, becomes an industrial table.