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Rent a herd of goats on Amazon to mow your lawn

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Amazon never ceases to amaze us with their product and service offerings. Sure, they started out as a speedy way to get cheap books, but those days are a faint memory as their lineup has expanded to include groceries, streaming movies, and a host of other necessities and not-so-necessary things. Now, you can turn to Amazon for your lawncare needs as well, using their Hire a Goat Grazer service to rent a herd of goats to mow your lawn.

INFOGRAPHIC: Is your state a clean energy leader or dirty energy loser?

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These days, the U.S. is importing significantly less oil and bolstering its energy independence, and part of the reason is that renewable energy use is increasing throughout the country. While some states are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels (Texas, we are looking at you), others are producing an incredible amount of energy from clean sources like wind (we’re looking at you… wait, Texas?).  This infographic reveals which states are leading the renewable revolution (and which could use a kick in the pants).