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Businesses urged to restore viability of the Gulf Coast

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The America’s Wetland Foundation is calling for a plan that will make restoration of the coast attractive to business, particularly along the Gulf Coast. A meeting held at the Tabasco headquarters on Avery Island, Louisiana revealed the need for the scientific community to communicate with the private sector and encourage investment in imperative coastal restoration projects.

Interface recycles fishing nets and reclaimed fibers into cozy, earth-toned carpet tiles

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International carpet designer Interface created Reclaim, a carpet tile line that combines style and socially responsible manufacturing into a 100% recycled product. Inspired by the “natural beauty found in salvaged matter,” the earth-toned carpet tiles are made from reclaimed carpet fiber and salvaged fishing nets. Reclaim is available in eight color ways, from cool Antique Grey to the forest floor-like Worn Olive. Interface developed Reclaim as part of their Mission Zero promise to reach net-zero environmental impact by 2020.

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Help NASA and the USGS make use of all their climate data and be in the running for $35,000!

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NASA and the U.S Geological Survey (USGS) have data. Big data! Together the two organizations have amassed a wealth of open-access climate-related data and now they are calling on citizen-scientists to help make best use of it through the Climate Resilience Data Challenge. The Challenge’s goal is “to imagine new applications of climate data to address climate vulnerabilities.” And as if lending NASA a helping hand wasn’t exciting enough, the Challenge is offering a prize pool of $35,000 for the most innovative ideas. Read on for details.

Australia is destroying indigenous land with fracking

Channel Country Queensland Australia

The Mithaka people of Channel Country, Queensland, Australia have a serious problem: Australia wants to frack their traditional homeland, targeting hundreds of wells beneath their rivers and floodplains for extracting shale oil and gas. Despite staunch opposition from the Mithaka, Queensland’s government is proceeding with fracking plans—including removing protective legislation. Those are legal decisions the Mithaka haven’t been meaningfully consulted on.