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EcoCasa Suyana is an sustainable, open-source home project in Argentina

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EcoCasa Suyana is a project lead by a couple of young engineers and travelers that is the first ecological, economical and 100% open-source home in Argentina. Suyana means “hope” in Quechua language and idea of EcoCasa Suyana project is to build a green, sustainable, affordable home, that can be a model for the construction of community housing. The concept was created by Noa and Cristian, a couple who decided to change their life nine months ago. They sold their few possessions in Buenos Aires and began a trip in Latin America.

During their trip, they discovered social and environmental problems that appeared to have an easy solution given the right materials and know-how. Noa and Cristian realized that “in order to improve the quality of life and reduce the impact on the environment, we need to bring together various sustainable technologies and practices into one place: in a house that can be visited and serve as an inspiration for better housing.” Each stage will be documented and the project will be 100% open source in order to share the information with people in need. The design can be adapted depending on the climate, population and the materials available in order to adapt the model to other locations.

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Aromatherapy pyramid releases natural cedar scent into your space

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Cedar Pyramid Alight


Designer Anatoliy Omelchenko of Triangle Tree, whose crop circle towels we featured a couple of months ago, has created a new, eco-friendly piece of home decor: the Cedar Aroma Pyramid. When warmed by a simple tea light, the natural oils in the cedar wood are released, filling the space nearby with a relaxing woodland scent. There are no added chemicals or fragrances; just cedar, warmed by flame. Like most of Anatoliy’s other creations, this aromatherapy piece is incredibly elegant in its simplicity—simple, basic shapes that snap together rather than being held by glue or screws. When the oils on one side of the pyramid have been burned off, it can be rotated or flipped to expose new wooden surfaces to the flame.

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Take a tour of this professional snowboarder’s innovative off-grid cabin

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Mike Basich was one of the early innovators in professional snowboarding, and now he’s leading the way in stylish off-grid living. On his 40 acres of land near Truckee, California, Basich has built himself an incredible 250-square-foot off-grid cabin – almost exclusively from materials he found on his own property. Check out the video above from “Going Off Grid,” to get the webseries’ visual take on Basich’s unique cabin and way of life.

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Giant reservoir of molten magma discovered under Yellowstone National Park

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A new report has revealed the underground workings of the Yellowstone National Park volcanic system – and in the process unveiled new details of how one of the world’s largest volcanoes could catastrophically erupt on a scale never-before seen by humanity. According to the Washington Post, an eruption in Yellowstone would eject 1,000 times as much material as Mt. St. Helens did in 1980, creating a disaster of global scale. Needless to say, scientists have been busy studying the inner workings of Yosemite’s volcanic system and a new study from the University of Utah now shows a complete diagram of Yellowstone’s system that reveals some stunning details that show how massive the eruption could actually be.

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Thai customs seizes three tons of illegal elephant ivory worth millions of dollars

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green design, eco design, sustainable design, endangered animals, illegal ivory, Convention on international Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Authorities have intercepted more than three tons of illegal elephant ivory in a Thai port as it was en route to Laos from Kenya. The shipping container, marked as tea leaves, was opened to reveal 511 pieces of ivory, which would fetch millions of dollars on the Laotian black market. The stash comes just days after a shipment of four tons of elephant ivory was discovered at a port in Bangkok, also headed for Laos but shipped from the Congo. Because of these discoveries, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) has warned Thailand that it will ban the country’s entire wildlife business if they do not take action. The Thai government has complied, and has vowed to crack down on poached ivory.


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