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Pope Francis Officially Endorses Evolution and The Big Bang Theory

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Pope Francis has continued to turn heads as the most liberal pope in decades by declaring that “the Catholic Church sees no conflict between science and religion” and stating that he accepts the universe was created in a Big Bang rather than what is detailed in the Book of Genesis. While he is not the first pope to side with science over certain issues, he is certainly the first to state outright that humans may be descended from other species, marking a significant change to the stance of the Catholic Church.

Himalayan Viagra Causes Fungal Gold-Rush in the Tibetan Plateaus

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High in the Himalayas grows a highly sought after medicinal fungus known as Himalayan Viagra. And while many global leaders fail to enact policies to protect their own resources, two remote Tibetan communities who harvest the fungus have managed to implement a system to secure a sustainable harvest year after year. Using an innovative resource management system that would likely give most capitalists a regulatory headache, the harvesters work hard to ensure that their livelihood is protected from over use.

Get Ready to Flip Out Over the reCAP Flip Cap Mason Jar Lids, Now on Kickstarter

reCap Perforated Disc

Who doesn’t love Mason jars? Not only are they great for canning tomatoes and other preserves at home, they’re also ideal for storing everything from bulk food to craft supplies. The problem with the average Mason jar is the 2-part lid that has to be fussed with—anyone who’s dealt with leaking jars can relate to this all too well. Enter the reCap Flip Cap; the latest member of the reCap family, which solves this problem rather perfectly: it fits onto any sized wide-mouth Mason jar for easy opening and closing, and even has a perforated screen for contents that can be shaken out, like grated cheese, flour, cinnamon sugar, or dried herbs.

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Why Building With Bottles Makes Sense

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Here at Build Abroad, we have found that it is best to build with local materials. Local materials can vary from mud bricks to bamboo depending on the region, but the one thing they have in common is they are easily accessible and cheap. We are very intrigued by a recent method of constructing with recycled bottles, because in some countries these non biodegradable bottles litter the streets. In some ways you could call it a “local material.” A bottle structure has numerous benefits: Rids the community of harmful plastic waste; Educates the community about the environment; Offers insulation qualities if necessary by filling bottles with wrappers; It’s free — a found plastic bottle is a free brick.

Want to keep reading about building with bottles? Head over to Build Abroad for the full scoop, and learn about their inspiring build abroad trips while you’re there.

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