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Google investing $300 million in SolarCity to finance 25,000 residential solar installations

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Installing solar panels on your home just makes sense; they turn empty space into green power. One thing stopping some from taking the plunge could be the cost of installing a system, but Google can help. The search engine giant recently announced big plans to help make solar much more affordable by increasing its investment in SolarCity’s residential solar power model by $300 million. The move will create a new fund worth a total of $750 million that will help install distributed solar power on homes across the nation.

Five mile Hyperloop test track to be constructed in California

hyperloop, hyperloop transportation technologies, test track, california, fifth mode, mass transit

Just two years ago, Elon Musk proposed a new 700mph mass transit solution called the Hyperloop, and now it has taken a big step closer to becoming a reality. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a company inspired by Musk’s idea has just signed a deal to build a five mile test track in central California. The track will be built at a cost of $100 million, and is expected to be operational in 2019.