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Chinese officials caught feasting on the endangered giant salamander

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Whether or not an animal is on the critically endangered list apparently doesn’t matter to Chinese officials determined to have their delicacies. Journalists took pictures at a luxury banquet that reportedly reveal Chinese police officials feasting on the endangered giant salamander. Media reports say that the banquet soon turned violent after reporters called the officials out on their dining choice and several journalists were attacked.

Bangladesh wants to become the world’s first “solar nation” by 2021


The Bangladeshi government wants every household in the nation to be solar powered by 2021. In the race to become the “first solar nation,” they hope to achieve this goal by focusing on what they call solar home systems (SHS). Solar home systems are provided by the government to homes that do not have access to the main power grid, thus supplying power where there previously was none.

Clever modular mobility aid helps those with disabilities in the developing world

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A modular kit of interchangeable mobility aid parts for everything from crutches to walking frames is set to change the lives of some of the world’s poorest people with disabilities, thanks to a design engineering student from Brunel University London. Cara O’Sullivan, 21, from Battle, East Sussex, realized the opportunity after a year’s placement with the Medical Engineering Resource Unit (MERU), a unique charity in Epsom, Surrey. Cara explains: