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Astronomers Reveal the Most Livable, Earth-Like Planet Ever Discovered

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In the race to find a planet besides Earth that can host life, scientists have made an incredible discovery. Astronomers recently confirmed the first ever planet similar in size to Earth at distance from its own star that would allow liquid water to pool on the surface. Every once in a while scientists come across a planet that orbits within the Goldilocks zone – the range of distance from a star that can potentially sustain life – but none of those planets have ever been very comparable in size to our own blue sphere. Dubbed Kepler-186f, it’s the the most Earth-like planet ever discovered and confirms that other habitable planets exist somewhere out there.

Portland, Oregon Dumps Millions of Gallons of Drinking Water After Teen Urinates Into Reservoir

Portland administrators have agreed to flush away 38 million gallons of formerly clean drinking water from Mt. Tabor Reservoir after a Portland Water Bureau video camera caught a teenager urinating directly into the City of Roses’ drinking supply. The 19-year-old was apprehended and eventually given a citation for public urination, but the damage to the water supply is already done. The video caught the teen and some friends messing around doing typical teen stuff near the reservoir, but the highlight was when one teen stopped, leaned against the iron fence, hitched up his pants and decided to contaminate the water supply.

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