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15.08.17 Oru Origami-Inspired Folding Kayak is Back with an Updated Design
10.08.17 Cones on Poles: Field Guide to Elevated Traffic Cones in Everyday Contexts
10.08.17 Splitting Bricks: Architectural Art Installation Tears a London Building Apart
08.08.17 Downloadable Deco: Art Archive Puts 200 Graphic Design Classics Online
07.08.17 Tokyo Forest Skyscraper
05.08.17 Plug & Plop: Urban Add-Ons Turn Street-Side Bollards into Seats & Tables
04.08.17 World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Stretches Over 1,000 Feet
04.08.17 The Folding Informality: High Density Skyscraper For Beijing
03.08.17 Future Fonts: Tracing the Role of Typography in Science Fiction in Films
03.08.17 Anime Architecture: Exhibition Showcases Japan’s Fictional Buildings
02.08.17 Art of Wearable Tech: 10 Fashionable Designs Help with Fun, Sex & Self-Defense
31.07.17 Rethinking the Refugee Camp: 8 Architectural Proposals for Asylum Seekers
31.07.17 Where Gods Live: Forest Environment Enhanced by Live Digital Projections
31.07.17 The 7 main styles of graffiti
30.07.17 Vape Trails: 12 Hot Vape Shops & E-Cigarette Retailers
28.07.17 NYC Transformed: Graffiti Artist Turns Urban Objects into 3D Cartoons
26.07.17 Robot Fails: 12 Times Supposedly Intelligent Machines Screwed Up
26.07.17 Today's archidose #972
25.07.17 Water Recipe Garden by Inside Outside studio | Gardens
25.07.17 The Art of Tech Living: Amsterdam’s Urban Campsite Lets You Sleep in Sculptures
24.07.17 No More Ugly Apartment Buildings: 13 Designs Refreshing the Paradigm
23.07.17 Tooth Or Consequences: 15 Dodgy Dental Labs
20.07.17 Call of Nature: Waterfront Step Organ in Croatia Turn Waves into Tunes
19.07.17 Out of This World Architecture: 16 Real Buildings Inspired by Science Fiction
18.07.17 Cheap Seats: Sculptural Furniture Showroom Facade Made of 900 Black Chairs
17.07.17 10 Subterranean Museums Reclaiming Abandoned Mines, Tunnels, Cellars & Docks
17.07.17 Today's archidose #970
17.07.17 Slow-Motion Demolition: Expanding Agent Cracks Concrete from Within
15.07.17 Buildings as Backdrops: Playful Photography Humanizes Built Environments
14.07.17 A Whole Latte Art: Masterpieces Rendered in Coffee and Milk
13.07.17 Mattest & Flattest: Blackest Paint You Can Buy Turns Solids into Voids
13.07.17 Palaces of Self-Discovery: Photos Document the World’s Most Beautiful Libraries
13.07.17 Book Review: Welcome to Your World