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17.02.18 Algorithmic Art: Dynamic Display ‘Paints’ Surreal Scenes & Melting Cityscapes
16.02.18 The Empire Has Collapsed: Miniature Scenes Illustrate the Post-Apocalypse
15.02.18 Architecture with a Twist: Installation Artist Knots Columns & Flips Facades
15.02.18 FELIXX + CITYFÖRSTER win New District Freiburg / Dietenbach competition
15.02.18 Graffiti Artists Awarded $6.7 Million from Landlord Who Destroyed Their Work
14.02.18 It’s in the Bag: 13 Ultra-Functional Backpacks for Busy Urban Lifestyles
13.02.18 From Chaos to Creative Compositions: The Anamorphic Art of Bernard Pras
12.02.18 Raised in a Barn & Proud: 15 Farm Buildings Converted to Modern Homes
11.02.18 Creature Comforts: 12 More Animal-Shaped Buildings
10.02.18 Link Rot: ‘Social Decay’ Renders Tech Media Giants as Urban Abandonments
08.02.18 Could the Useless Gas Stations of the Future be Used as Gyms Instead?
08.02.18 A Guide To Smart Home Automation In 2018
06.02.18 Hamlet Writ Large: 100 Huge Fiberglass Skulls Haunt Melbourne Museum
06.02.18 Brutalist Style Lightens Up with Lots of Glass at Japan’s Oriel Window House
05.02.18 Love Your Work: Patterned Hammerhead Leaves Heart-Shaped Impressions
04.02.18 Going In Style: Cute Creative Public Restrooms Of Okinawa
02.02.18 ORIGIN Tree House: Modern Wooden Hotel Room in a French Forest Canopy
01.02.18 Jobs that Don’t Exist Yet: Art Based on World Economic Forum Predictions
31.01.18 Architects Broke a Sweat Designing These 13 Striking Gyms & Fitness Facilities
31.01.18 Benefits of designing and building your own shipping container home
30.01.18 What is the Connection Between Architecture, Technology and Education?
29.01.18 Today's archidose #993
29.01.18 Built-in Bonanza: 13 Mega Apartment Makeovers Packed with Custom Features
29.01.18 Knitted Camouflage: Handmade Outfits for Hiding in Built Environments
27.01.18 Self-Healing Infrastructure: Eco-Friendly Fungus Grows to Fill Concrete Cracks
26.01.18 Self-Parking Slippers: Nissan Surprises Hotel Guests with Unexpected Tech
25.01.18 Full Steam Ahead: Japanese Capsule Hotel Offers Saunas, Showers & Sleep
24.01.18 Today's archidose #992
24.01.18 Tied Up in Knots: 13 Truly Twisted Towers, Buildings & Staircases
22.01.18 Civitas Designs Water Resiliency into Denver North Stapleton Open Space Plan
22.01.18 Fractal Chapel: Tree-Inspired Columns Branch Out to Open Up Interior Space
20.01.18 Four reasons you should choose laminate flooring