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20.10.17 Steel Mesh Kraken Sunken Off British Virgin Islands to Create an Artificial Reef
20.10.17 Apple Store Opens in Chicago
19.10.17 Cutting Corners: LOT-EK’s 21-Box Sliced Shipping Container Home in NYC
18.10.17 Preserving Architectural Gems: 8 Beijing Hutong Plug-Ins Update Historic Shells
18.10.17 Today's archidose #983
17.10.17 LURVIG for Pets: IKEA Debuts its First Line of Animal Furniture & Accessories
17.10.17 Latest Design Trends in Wooden Furniture
16.10.17 Nice Slice: 30+ Sculptures & Illustrations Created with Cut Paper
15.10.17 KISS & Mark Up: 10 Bizarre KISS Branded Products
14.10.17 A New Spin: 125-Year-Old Windmill Turned into a Towering Guest House
12.10.17 Playful Kirigami: Touch-Activated Paper Animals Pop into Action
11.10.17 Not Your Dive Bar’s Pool Table: 13 Modern Game Furniture Designs
11.10.17 City Lung Skyscraper Inspired By Human Anatomy
11.10.17 'Scaffolding' at the Center
10.10.17 Huge Color-Coded ‘LEGO House’ Designed by BIG Now Open in Denmark
10.10.17 Doing Our Dirty Work: Crows Trained to Clean Up Cigarette Butts
09.10.17 Rail to Trail: 12 U.S. Park Projects Reclaiming Urban Infrastructure
08.10.17 Storefront 'Souvenirs'
07.10.17 Sea Wall: Dark Multi-Story Mural Shows Stormy Waters on City Streets
06.10.17 Book Review: Álvaro Siza Architectural Guide
06.10.17 Slinky Chairs: Accordion-Style Transforming Furniture Stretches & Bends
05.10.17 Pop-Up Parking Garage & Rooftop Green Space Rises Higher When it Rains
04.10.17 It’s Alive! 14 Algae-Powered Inventions for Food, Light, Energy & Oxygen
03.10.17 MAD Architects Redesign Turns Ugly Paris Tower into Giant City-Scale Mirror
02.10.17 Houses to Human Hearts: 13 Recent Breakthroughs in 3D-Printed Designs
01.10.17 Star Crossed: 10 More Abandoned Observatories
01.10.17 Top Exterior Trends and Tips for Your Home
30.09.17 Art of Deception: Pencil Drawings Look Like Colorful 3D Splashes of Paint
28.09.17 Elegant Energy-Free Air Conditioner Can Drop Temperatures by 26 Degrees
28.09.17 Blooms: Hypnotizing 3D Printed Sculptures Come Alive Under Strobe Lights
27.09.17 Starchitect Spotlight: 9 Wooden Wonders by Kengo Kuma & Associates
27.09.17 Book Review: The Structure of Design
26.09.17 Drawings Any Architect Should Love