11 Online Courses for Architects and Students

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Online courses have gained more and more recognition in the past couple of years. In addition to the flexibility and convenience of learning wherever and whenever you want, they provide access to content from well-respected professors and colleges. In the field of architecture and construction, online courses have grown exponentially. Last year, we compiled a list that focused mainly on constructive and material techniques. This time we selected 15 online courses covering a range of subjects. We hope this selection of courses can help you with your next project.

The Art of Structural Engineering: Vaults

Created by: Princeton University
Language: English 
Subject: "In this engineering course, you will learn how to analyze vaults (long-span roofs). The course also illustrates how engineering is a creative discipline and can become art and the influence of the economic and social context in vault design."

Parametric Design and Optimization

Created by: Stanford School of Engineering
Language: English
Subject: "This course explores the techniques and tools used in parametric modeling and computational design as a foundation for design optimization."

Architectural Construction Systems

Created by: Michael Neatu
Language: English
Subject: "Learn how to draw and design wooden, metal and concrete construction systems."

Introduction to Kinetic Facades

Created by: EDS Global
Language: English
Subject: "A beginner's guide to climate responsive facades and design processes."

Home Automation For Beginners: Create Your Own Smart Home

Created by: Gerard ODriscoll
Language: English
Subject: "Learn How to Build Your Own Smart Home Automation System from scratch without getting confused or wasting money."

Fundamentals of Structural Analysis

Created by: Dr. Seán Carroll
Language: English
Subject: "Get to grips with civil engineering structural analysis once and for all."

Introduction to Structural Steel Design

Created by: Adam Brittan
Language: English
Subject: "Learn the fundamental properties and design of Structural Steel."

Design of bridges: Concept, Modeling, Analysis, and Design

Created by: Ayman Kandeel
Language: English
Subject: "Learn the design concept of different types of bridges from one source."

Learn To Read Structural Drawings: From Zero To Hero

Created by: Gokul Saud
Language: English
Subject: "A full course On reading and comprehending Civil Engineering Structural Drawings."

The Art of Structures 1: Cables and Arches

Created by: Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Language: French & English
Subject: "The course presents the principles of design and structures in cables and arches."

How a Building is Designed and Built (6 Part Series)

Created by: Matthew Morris
Language: English
Subject: "The lessons in the course have been developed to boil down years of on-the-job training into high-impact, bite-sized classes."