Apartamento Sardenya by Raul Sanchez Architects | Living space

The previous state of the apartment belonged to a way of living incompatible with the requirements of the new owner. These new requirements, even starting from the domestic conventionality, left enough freedom to treat the new apartment in a less corseted way. Therefore, the new proposal starts from the total demolition of the pre-existing situation, keeping only the structural system (for technical and economic reasons, structural interventions were ruled out). The proposal introduces two L-shaped elements that encompass those functions that the new owner, a single man, required with a certain independence: a first L-shape partition, oriented towards the access, houses the kitchen area; and a second L-shape partition houses the bedroom spaces with bathroom en suite. The rest of the space is intended to flow freely inside, to maximize the sense of space and abolish the boundaries between rooms: for example, both the bedroom and the guest bathroom are closed with large oversized pivo… continue