Apartment building Hans-Jürg Buff by Pablo Horváth Architekt SIA/SWB | Apartment blocks

The apartment building Hans-Jürg Buff forms the southwest end of the residential development Chalavus in St. Moritz Bad. Together with the other surrounding buildings, it is grouped around a protected leafy courtyard, comprising a high quality overall urban development. The new five-storey building continues a block, loosely integrated with the existing structure on the south side of the courtyard. The apartment complex benefits from its detached, free-standing setting. The accommodation units are laid out in two-storey units in all four directions, providing stunning views of the picturesque mountain landscape. The rooms fan out following the sun's course from the east side to the south-west. In this way the natural light floods the living areas and at any time of day there are always variable and interesting light patterns. The architectural use of forms employed on the new building refer to local construction culture but these traditional and regional elements are conducted into… continue