by PassivDom | Detached houses — Autonomous self-sustainable Off-the-Grid 3D-Printed Smart House. The main features are: - 3D-printed house frame, using carbon and glass fiber. Very strong and light. No foundation needed. - Off-the-grid. Ultimate energy efficient technology. No any external energy needed in any climate. Solar energy only. Absolutely Zero Carbon Emissions. - AI-powered Energy consumption and generation remote management. can be used as a residential house, a backyard house, vacation house, "Airbnb house", autonomous hotel unit. Use cases: dream locations (mountains, ocean view, forests, seashore etc), overpopulated regions (backyard house, home office, guest house), global disaster areas (hurricanes and earthquakes, military needs) Key innovativeness (patent pending): - Extremely high energy efficiency. Low thermal loses. Up to 20(!) times less energy consumption for heating and cooling. - House frame produced by additive 3D-printing technology. Walls, roof and bas… continue