Factory 300 Start-up Campus by Janua reference projects | Manufacturer references

Being a hero means being brave — Particularly when it comes to founding a start-up. In the Tabakfabrik Linz, Factory 300 has created a place where entrepreneurs can exchange knowledge, work in a concentrated atmosphere, and sometimes party, too. No matter which of the above is on the cards – the tables in the BB 31 Connect family provide the perfect backdrop. “These are excellent tables for arguing over,” according to one start-up expert: To get your way, you can apparently slam a clenched fist against the sturdy tabletop with complete confidence. Or dance on it for that matter... The BB 31 Connect high table is a great place for making rapid decisions. Speed is essential for start-ups. “Janua seamlessly delivers on our requirements with its product range and flexibility.” Bernhard Lehner; CO-Founder startup 300 AG Area C. I. Design GmbH continue