Flux by SIDES CORE | Spa facilities

A hanging mirror blends into the space while pulling the line of sight through it. FLUX hair salon was planning to move to a space near Kyoto Station. The new space is the 2nd floor of a former car showroom. Specialized features included floor-to-ceiling curved windows that open onto the main road on the south side. The north side looks out onto a terrace with a car lift. Mirrors used for cutting hair are one item that define hair salons. Many feature cutting mirrors that emulate vanities A few of them lined up clearly define a business as a hair salon. With Flux, we wanted to create an airy space, fitting of the name, that breezes can easily flow through. Flux’s main cutting mirror is suspended from the ceiling and features mirrors on all sides, effectively avoiding a vanity-like feel. We designed a mirror that emphasizes the reflected image brings the space together, rather than just being an object in the space. We decided to make use of the depth of the space, one char… continue