Gal·la Placídia Square by Escofet 1886 reference projects | Manufacturer references

Gracia, a district famous for its narrow streets and little squares, also has larger open spaces on its perimeter where activities can be held that are not possible in the centre. One such space is Gala Placidia Square, recently affected by several projects which altered the trees and installed new ventilation points and emergency exits for the underground railway line. The project involves moving private vehicles and buses to a new service road which will increase the open space to 7604.13 m2. The site contour includes a 3.5 metre long transversal slope with a 1 m height difference, a determining factor in the final project which seeks to maximise the space available for the neighbourhood, conceiving the square as a broadened section of the streets that converge on it. The height difference is resolved with a green slope, crossed at two points by ramps and stairs to give pedestrians continuity in their movements. This green strip absorbs but at the same time minimizes the presence o… continue