Green Triangle – Aoyama 346 by Sasaki Architecture | Office buildings

A three-story office and retail complex in the Minami Aoyama area of Tokyo, Green Triangle—Aoyama 346 is an interplay of multiple green triangles, which articulate the liminal spaces that intermediate between the interior and the exterior of the building. The design is also a response to the client’s request to create “an urban oasis” in the very heart of the city. The project sits on a hilly, “flagpole” 750-square-meter site that is cornered by streets to the west, east, and north—the last one of which is a private driveway that is integrated into the overall design. The design primarily exploits these site conditions by referencing the geometry of triangles that variegate in their materiality, hue, and density as they progress from the exterior into the interior. A triangular, two-story void features potted plants that hang from above, folding in greenery into the building and offering visual connection with the adjacent main street through its glass curtain wall. Retail and r… continue