Herstal City Hall / Hotel de Ville de Herstal by Frederic Haesevoets Architecte | Office buildings

This approach develops through a generous act, mixing modernity and organic. It is about creating a new way of discovering, moving, getting your bearings, and working. Creating sensuality. Adopting this approach we have developed this project for the building of the Herstal City Hall. Our objective: to create it in a surprising and innovative way. The setting up of the building is divided into 2 parts. This allows creating a largely open pedestrian area which lets us discover an inside made of patches of vegetation conceived as a public garden. The choice of tree species and other vegetables has been made according to their flowering, persistence, pigmentation and their smell in order to get a continuously changing nature from March to December. The impact of car traffic is played down as cars drive on grass seeded flagstones as well as on outside parking places. Located on a sloping parcel of land with a difference in height of several meters the building commits itself to an continue