House On The Park by Rada Markovic Lighting Design Studio | Apartment blocks

House on the Park is a multi-family residence designed and built to state-of-the-art construction standards with the goal of meeting the highest levels of design and technical quality attainable today. <b>Lighting</b> Rada Markovic Lighting Design Studio, Architectural Lighting Designer Special attention was given the lighting engineering. The equipment utilized involves primarily high-quality LED fixtures that combine quality lighting, energy savings, safety, long-life and easy maintenance. As an initial step, the edifice received the approval of the Commission for Architectural and Landscape Heritage for the provinces of Parma and Piacenza. The building has three sections of varying height and size set within the structure containing the vertical connections. #1 – Total LED power: 185W of the façade with various illumination modes (Evening, Utility, Night and Day Passage) to optimize lighting system power consumption. For the atrium entrance, a very small (3W 20° 3000K LED an… continue