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Spectacular live performance on site — The tabletop blank is transformed into a Monolith onthe terrace of the Architektur Pavillon. Meinhard von Gerkan is delighted by the trust Janua and Stefan Knopp have in the power ofnature, harnessing it not just for tables, but for works of art. “I wanted a table with a character all of its own. I looked – and then found at Janua.” Meinhard von Gerkan, Architect In the Architektur Pavillon, there isn’t a single right angle. Instead, all sharp corners are rounded off. Hamburg’s Elbchaussee — one Monday The stunning location is matched by the sensational architecture — Architect Meinhard von Gerkan has crafteda “building of encounters” in the heart of Hamburg’s Elbhang. A building that goesabove and beyond convention. A building as individual as it is unconventional — complete with a table from Janua which couldn’t be a better fit! The tabletop blank of the SK 01 Monolith weighs in at 250 kilos. A job for strong men — no wonder the bos… continue