MVRDV Co-Founder Winy Maas Named Domus' 2019 Editor-In-Chief


MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas has been named Domus’ 2019 10x10x10 Editor-In-Chief. The publication began the Domus 10x10x10 in 2018 as an initiative to bring new ideas and alternative editorial styles to the magazine. The 10-year initiative leads to Domus' 100th anniversary in 2028.

As much an architect as a researcher, Maas will provide an original editorial strategy founded on intellectual exploration and catalyzing creative ways of thinking about contemporary and future design efforts. In a manifesto titled “Everything is Urbanism,” Maas describes his primary goals for Domus 2019, a series of 10 publications over 10 months that explore contemporary design questions and theoretical problems, spark dialogue, and examine ongoing architectural research.

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Domus ‘19 will give a voice to those who make the city: the urbanists, the landscape architects, the architects, the designers, the artists, the developers, the investors, the mayors, the residents, the users, the scholars, the critics.
- Winy Maas, “Everything is Urbanism” Manifesto

Maas is no stranger to innovative thinking and publication, directing many of his research efforts at The Why Factory, a global think-tank at TU Delft. The research institute focuses on education, research, and engagement in public dialogue through exhibitions, panel discussions, publications, and workshops. Since 2009, The Why Factory has published a series of books titled the “Future Cities Series.” Maas can bring elements of his educational initiative to the Domus 2019 publication series - taking the magazine in a new direction.

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