Nebel bar by Focketyn Del Rio Studio | Bar interiors

Expanding the existing with sleek insertions, focketyn del rio studio designs a playground for late night revelers. The collectively designed Nebel Bar has become a new beacon for late-night culture in an already vibrant scene. A union of the existing and the novel, this bar was recently renovated and extended with an annex. Nebel Bar is situated in Kleinbasel, the energetic and hip neighborhood of Basel, Switzerland. Initially inaugurated in 2016, it has recently been extended to include an annex featuring an intimate dance-floor. Reopening in the Fall of 2018, Nebel has established itself as one of the prime late night spots for creative professionals of Basel and beyond. FOCKETYN DEL RIO Studio was approached to create and develop a new spatial identity together with Hofmacher, the cultural collective behind Nebel. Active in the city's nightlife scene for many years, the client found a space corresponding with their reputation for producing unique and intimate events and col… continue