No-Boundary Tolilet / ZHUBO-AAO

Exterior night. Image © Chao Zhang Exterior night. Image © Chao Zhang
  • Architects: ZHUBO DESIGN
  • Location: Majialong, Shenzhen, China
  • Project Director: Qiao Zhong
  • Architect In Charge: Xin Huang, John Siu
  • Design Team: Junda Li, Yaomin Hu
  • Area: 30.83 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Chao Zhang, John Siu, Junda Li, Yaomin Hu
  • Construction: Vector space
  • Client: Shenzhen Urban Management Department
Entrance. Image © Chao Zhang Entrance. Image © Chao Zhang

Text description provided by the architects. Located on the Road intersection (Beihuan Road and Yiyuan Road), architects designed a border-less plan layout making the nasty toilet blank out behind greening surrounded,assimilate into nature.Boundary between architecture and nature becomes ambiguous.Toilet compartments are gender-less.

Exterior. Image © Chao Zhang Exterior. Image © Chao Zhang

Architects introduced design case of central park landscape to maximize toilet’s availability.Working as shortcut towards park,it includes several leisure seats for passengers to rest and wait.

Axonometric Axonometric

8K mirror stainless steel is adopted as facade material that varies along with different time and lighting.Architecture is integrated with surrounding in harmony and fading behind nearby forests at the same time.Besides,passengers also play a part in the appearance of facade,while the toilet is vitalized and being an infectious art installation.

Entrance. Image © Chao Zhang Entrance. Image © Chao Zhang

Users gain unique experience feeling through the bright interior atmosphere as well as light from dormer window.Used as a supplement to indoor lighting,nature lighting reduces lighting energy consumption.

Exterior. Image © Chao Zhang Exterior. Image © Chao Zhang
Section Section
Compartment Interior . Image © John Siu Compartment Interior . Image © John Siu

A green bucket is set up under tree containing a sink and two urinals for children.Such device releases the pressure for limited quantity of toilet compartments and increase the joy of children’s toileting.It could also avoid embarrassment for parents gardening in toilet.

Compartment . Image © Chao Zhang Compartment . Image © Chao Zhang

There are 3 gender-less compartments, accessible bathroom, children's outdoor toilet and administrator room in such a limited design site.Network and big data are applied in maintenance management.Usage of whole-life BIM、passenger flow statistics record camera、behaviour analysis camera、super intelligent NVR、face recognition access control、information releasing terminal and iVMS management station make toilet monitoring and managing safety and efficient,emergency as users falling down or sudden movement would be reported in time.Meanwhile,information can be released through information reporting system. Besides,citizen can get information of air quality、temperature and humidity by scanning QR code in toilet,people may make evaluation after using.Number of daily users has been remaining at around 500 per day since its completion.

Exterior. Image © Chao Zhang Exterior. Image © Chao Zhang