Obscura by Siba Sahabi | Prototypes

<b>Siba Sahabi turns camera obscura inside out.</b> Siba Sahabi launches her new limited edition photographic sculptures, ’Obscura’, at X BANK gallery in Amsterdam. The photographic collages on the surface of each object were previously captured inside the same shape using the principles of a pinhole camera, also known as a camera obscura. The nine sculptures are made out of steel, copper and brass and were treated, on their interior surfaces, with a light sensitive emulsion. Siba then exposed these surfaces to light through three to six pinholes per object and developed the black and white images in a darkroom. After coating the photographs with resin each camera obscura was fnally re-assembled with the photographs facing outwards. The fnal sculptures simultaneously embody both states: apparatus and work of art. Siba’s cameras—taking the form of abstract pyramids—express the interaction between Middle Eastern and European culture through art and science. Her work is an homage to… continue