Perspectives by Siba Sahabi | Prototypes

Siba Sahabi launches Perspectives, a new series of fve performative light sculptures, at Galleria Rossana Orlandi during the Salone European and Middle-Eastern art history often appear to have developed separately, based on different beliefs and artistic expressions. We tend to forget about the strong mutual influences and shared history of these two regions. Italian painters, for example, developed the revolutionary linear perspective during the Renaissance based on, among others, the knowledge of the Persian scientist and philosopher Alhazen, who had made signifcant contributions to the principles of optics. On the other hand, iconic Arabic patterns descended from simpler designs used in earlier cultures such as Greek, Roman, and Sassanian. As an extension and illumination of this shared history, Siba Sahabi’s new series Perspectives combines the ‘European’ linear perspective with abstract MiddleEastern patterns, know as ‘arabesques’. For this series, Sahabi visualized the line… continue