RISE Restaurant at Marina Bay Sands by Aedas | Hotel interiors

In the grand hotel atrium at Marina Bay Sands sits the hotel’s international buffet restaurant, RISE. In order to meet the evolving (or growing) demands of guests, Aedas Interiors was commissioned to re-design the dining area of RISE, with an intent to create a fresh and new experience for guests. Whilst considering this cosmetic refurbishment, the team was also challenged to improve on the existing planning, function and operational areas, in particular waiter stations, and buffet. As always, creating a sense of place is at the core of any Aedas Interiors concept. Utilising the original bones of the previous design, including the important and significant ‘Rising Forest’ sculptures by renowned artist Chongbin Zheng, led the team to a concept and storyline merging inside and out. To meet the operational requirement, dining flexibility was maximised via bespoke, standalone service stations that were planned and detailed to reflect trellis-like partitioning within a natural rising fo… continue