Sanctuary by TheShaw Studio | Prototypes

In 1783, the French architectural theorist Étienne-Louis Boullée drafted the architecture that was impossible to build - The Newton Monument. Boullée reflected his praise of Newton to the architecture without reserve, creating a spiritual shrine to preserve Newton's achievements of philosophy. Shaw Liu finds inspiration from the unrealized architectural artworks. Walking on the streets in Italy, Shaw Liu reflected on the past and the future, visible and invisible, and the extensive thought on the reflection of different objects in different hierarchical space. Reflection is indirect expression of the state of an interaction. When exposed to some kind of mirrored space, there will be a phantom-like life between people and the substance, and the objects become fickle because of the change of perspectives. Multiple objects, various souls. In front of the curved mirror image, facing the reflection, the true image is submerged in a closed chamber, a number of distorted illusi… continue