Stone Houses in Cáceres / Tuñón Arquitectos

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  • Architects: Emilio Tuñón and Carlos Martínez Albornoz
  • Location: Cáceres, Spain
  • Area: 484.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Tuñón Arquitectos
  • Collaborators: Albert Palazón, Victoria López Cabezas, Jose Miguel Martín, Inés García De Paredes, Miguel Cayuelas Del Barrio, Andrés Regueiro, Javier Chávez Muñoz and Julia Díaz Beca
  • Structures: Alfonso Gómez Gaite
  • Installations: Úrculo Ingenieros
  • Quantity Surveyor: José Carlos Pozo
  • Landscaping: Benavides Laperche
  • Contractor: FISSA
© Tuñón Arquitectos © Tuñón Arquitectos

Text description provided by the architects. Located in Cáceres, the house is a simple prismatic volume with a square floor plan of 16-meter sides, and each of the four facades is perforated by three Windows. The stretches of a wall have been constructed with local quartzite stone, and the windows are framed with Extremadura granite of warm tones.

Floor Plans Scheme Floor Plans Scheme
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Axonometric Scheme Axonometric Scheme

Rigorously defined by its outlines, the volume accommodates nine cubic spaces of 4.2-meter sides which serve different domestic uses, from sitting rooms and bedrooms to the kitchen, with the closets and bathrooms placed in between. 

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Sections Sections
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Each of those spaces comprises two layers: a lower one clad with oakwood boards where the building services are placed; and an upper stratum formed by a through of white concrete and completely free of mechanisms. The rooms open on to the exterior landscape through large oak-framed windows of square proportions. An open platform at the back features a swimming pool.

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With its 16-meter sides, the square-plan house contains nine rooms and is built on the outside with walls of local quartzite stone detailed with granite, and on the inside with white concrete and oakwood claddings.

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