Sunlight House Y / NetSpace Design

© Frankie F. Studio © Frankie F. Studio
  • Architects: NetSpace Design
  • Location: Yonghe District, Taiwan
  • Lead Architects: Jun-Cheng Yeh, Jun-Ting Yeh
  • Area: 105.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Frankie F. Studio
© Frankie F. Studio © Frankie F. Studio

Text description provided by the architects. The owner Mr. Yu used to live in this house with grandparents and families back in childhood. It is where being filled with gracious memories. Years gone by, Mr. Yu decided to move back to the house with his mother and wife. After continual discussion with the couple and observing the entire environment, we came up with three major points: Scandinavian style, storage function as well as light. Since the Yu family wished their refurbishment based on Nordic aesthetic, keeping most interiors in a light tone including white walls, oak, and beech wood, light grey cabinet, etc. was one solution, in the meanwhile enhancing the lively ambiance through vibrant colors of lightings and chairs.

© Frankie F. Studio © Frankie F. Studio

For an aged house over 30 years, it owns an advantage that most Taiwanese old buildings are lacking - natural light. Therefore, the designing concept is basically around the light. When you stand at the entrance, the embedded linear led-light in the cabinet takes the lead to welcome you with a bright and broad open room, which is distinguished into small section by invisible separations. On one side of the couch is a recreation area, where the family usually spend their leisure time. If someone stays overnight, this space will instantly become a tiny guest room. Moreover, considering the 105sqm-house is going to be for three people and their future children, storage was a crucial concern in need of a careful and comprehensive plan.

Floor Plan Floor Plan

We increased the height of this area along with some mechanical parts, so as to create extra approaches allowing them to keep daily objects, even a Mahjong table without being seen. Mrs. Yu has dreamed about making doughs and cooking cuisines in a well-equipped kitchen for many years. It is also something we valued a lot because we want this place will connect everyone in the house. Unlike a general arrangement, there is no dining table in the kitchen but a large kitchen island sizing about 240cm. It meets their expectations of a cooking section, dining, working as well as keeping kitchen appliances.

© Frankie F. Studio © Frankie F. Studio

During the design process, our initial idea was to avoid any inappropriate material to block the spacious vision of the room, and because of it, we used a slide glass door in between of kitchen and balcony. Whether open or not won't lead to any disappointment with use. The tiles in the toilet are one of our favorite parts of this project. The way we extended the pattern through a wall to the ground brings a fascinating and wider effect. This house grew with Mr. Yu once, and now it is going to open the next chapter with him again.  After getting back from busy work, he can enjoy cooking or laying on the couch and sipping a glass of wine with Mrs. Yu; treating themselves with sunlight shower on weekends… all he ever wished has combined into a brand new life. Anything gets thrilling than that?

© Frankie F. Studio © Frankie F. Studio