Tinel Vacation Houses / SODAarhitekti

© Marko Mihaljević © Marko Mihaljević
  • Architects: SODAarhitekti
  • Location: Korčula, Croatia
  • Lead Architects: Vedran Jukić
  • Architect Collaborator: Maša Medoš
  • Team: Mihaela Goluža, Jure Čudina
  • Area: 480.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Marko Mihaljević, Davor Radman
  • Construction Consultants: RADIONICA STATIKE . Vlaho Miljanović
  • Hydromechanics Consultants: CAD PROJEKT . Dragutin Vukovojac
  • Electrical Installations Consultants: ELAG . Renata Gajšak
  • Thermal Installations Consultants: TERMOPROJEKTING . Tomislav Vučinić
  • Building Engineering Physics Consultants: AKFZ STUDIO . Mateo Biluš
  • Traffic Consultants: IPB CAR . Hrvoje Kostelac
  • Client: Radman grupa d.o.o.
  • Awards And Honorable Mentions: Leonardo 2015. Award - 2. prize – family houses, Minsk
  • Exhibitions: VI. Minsk International Biennale of Young Architects | Leonardo 2017 Award – Exhibition of awarded designs, The Union of Architects of Russia, Moscow | 20. Salon arhitekture, Novi Sad | 53. Zagrebački salon, Desetljeće 2008-2018
© Marko Mihaljević © Marko Mihaljević

Text description provided by the architects. The steep and narrow plot with relatively small area and northern slope lead to architectural solutions creating a pleasant living environment. The design meets the original value of local architectural heritage such as simplicity, functionality and appropriate human scale.

© Davor Radman © Davor Radman

The buildings are designed in order to achieve new values in accordance with today's lifestyle. One of the goals was setting the appropriate human scale, building proportions and size. In such a steep terrain the objective was to make the building the part of the landscape.

© Marko Mihaljević © Marko Mihaljević
Floor plans Floor plans
© Marko Mihaljević © Marko Mihaljević

It is designed as a half-buried building in simple, small volumes that are interconnected in such a way to realize the rich spatial relationships between inner and outer space. Given all of the above, flat roofs are elements that allow maximum use of the outdoor space and outdoor living, which is an important feature of using traditional Mediterranean architecture.

© Marko Mihaljević © Marko Mihaljević

The whole plot is contemplated as an integral structure consisting of spaces of different character. Suitable local climate provides a splendid growth of Mediterranean plants, which is a very important factor in the local region. The outer edges of the building are designed with pots with Mediterranean plants.

© Marko Mihaljević © Marko Mihaljević