Water Recipe Garden by Inside Outside studio | Gardens

The idea for the garden is to consider it as a collection of habitats, planted with indigenous trees, shrubs, flowering plants and bulbs - tolerant of heat, salty wind and draught – that will react to a carefully measured gradational water system that is organized in north-south direction; thus providing a rich variety of gardens, from green and lush to sculptural and dry. Species from other countries of the same hardiness zone as Qatar will be mixed in strategically, to add form, shadow, scent and color effects. As the future garden is, in fact, a floating stone and steel plate above a parking lot of the same size, it does not offer full soil to its planting. The given ‘roof top’ situation allows for a maximum of 1200 mm soil depth only. To create the garden that we envision, we lay down a regular system of square planters over the flat, hard roof surface, that gradually change in size, height and distance in north to south direction. The generous sizes of the planting beds – f… continue