Woodhouse by Solarlux reference projects | Manufacturer references

Following in nature’s footsteps Wooden bi-folding door connects home with the forest outside Wilderness and silence, power and force, diversity and excitement – all this and more can be found in a dense forest. Property in the heart of Mother Nature has a unique appeal, offering freedom from the enclosed spaces of civilisation and relief from hectic everyday life. But the architecture of a home in the forest can be very different to that of an urban building – in fact, it has to be. Your refuge needs to blend into its wild surroundings, forming a bond and understanding with them. The Forest House, a three-storey home built in the Polish forests outside of Warsaw in 2018, blends in with the wild flora thanks to a perfect balance between delineation and assimilation. This is most clearly reflected in the materials used in the construction and the visual call-backs between the inside and the outside that run through all three floors of the building. The house offers around 250 m²… continue