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03.02.12 Kitchen Wall Painting Ideas
29.04.12 About Architecture at its Best: 10 Futuristic Design Concepts
28.08.12 OUT OF BALANCE – CRITIQUE OF THE PRESENT. Information Design after Otto Neurath
30.01.13 Update on Logroño High Speed Train Station: Phase One – Completed / Abalos+Sentkiewicz Arquitectos
12.02.13 How to Decorate a Bathroom on a Budget
15.02.13 Destination Resort in Kish Island, Iran
22.02.13 Western Europe Tallest Building’s Observation Deck Opens to Public / London’s Shard by Renzo Piano
05.03.13 A Corbusier-Inspired Parisian Home
06.03.13 Creative Lighting Design Inspired by The Nuclear Accident in Fukushima
10.03.13 Sustainable Architecture in the Middle of Gobi Desert -The Lotus Hotel
12.03.13 Stunning JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai- The World’s Tallest Hotel
13.03.13 Winners eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition
13.03.13 Soundscraper Captures Sound Kinetic Energy while Reducing Noise Pollution
13.03.13 Stratosphere Network of Skyscrapers
13.03.13 PH Conditioner Skyscraper
13.03.13 Nomad: Terraforming Mars
13.03.13 Volcano Skyscraper Harnesses Clean Energy from Active Volcanoes
13.03.13 Zaha Hadid Architects’ New Arts and Culture Centre Project in China
13.03.13 Great Maya World Museum of Mérida in Mexico
14.03.13 Architectural Media Trends : 2012 : Subject Focus
15.03.13 Architectural Media Trends : 2012 : Architects / Practices
15.03.13 Architectural Media Trends : 2012 : Industries / Sectors
15.03.13 6 Modern and Creative Stool Designs
15.03.13 Hitachi Unveils Smartphone-Operated Autonomous ROPITS Robocar
16.03.13 Original LEGO Artwork -Playful LEGO Lamps from Sean Kenney
16.03.13 Futuristic Newton Console Showcasing Exquisite Design
16.03.13 SITE's Balcony as Marquee
18.03.13 Trends 2012 : Regional Activity
18.03.13 2013 Pritzker Prize Prize - Toyo Ito
18.03.13 Smart Multi-Purpose Lounge Chair Design -LLSTOL
18.03.13 Zero Skyscraper: A Survival Structure for Post-Apocalyptic Life On Earth
18.03.13 Toyo Ito Awarded 2013 Pritzker Prize!
19.03.13 AEC Africa : 10 Year Activity Trends