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Urban Off-Grid: 12 Creative Solutions For Self-Sustainability in the City

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ]

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Off-grid housing is almost always relegated to remote areas due to strict urban building codes and access to affordable land, but sometimes self-contained structures pop up in parks, on rooftops and in canals anyway – or the owners of more conventional city dwellings simply cut the cord. There are already a lot of different ways to go off-grid in the city, most explored by necessity due to poverty, others seeking a more sustainable way of life without giving up community and convenience. From rooftop structures and mobile housing to entirely new self-powered city blocks, these solutions work within cities that already exist rather than envisioning expensive futuristic eco-cities from the ground up.

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Kyocera is building the world’s largest floating solar plant

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Kyocera Corporation and Century Tokyo Leasing Corporation recently announced plans to build the world’s largest floating solar installation. The massive 13.4 megawatt plant will be located in the Chiba Prefecture in Japan and will provide enough power for 4,700 homes once it is up and running. The announcement follows the recent completion of the current largest floating solar plant, which was built by Kyocera in the Kagoshima Prefecture.

Panda Power Plant: Shaped Solar Panel Array Forms China’s National Animal

[ By WebUrbanist in Drawing & Digital & Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ]

The world’s largest solar power-producing nation is showing off its record-setting green energy production through an adorable new array shaped like a giant panda bear, the national animal of China.

This Panda Power Plant in Datong, China, is the brainchild of Panda Green Energy in partnership with the United Nations Development Program. And this first sections of this huge creature-shaped station mosaic have just been hooked up to the grid.

The US could power itself with solar 100-times over

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There’s a lot of debate about whether or not solar power could feasibly power the entire country. A new report by Environment America and a breakdown by Treehugger’s Micheal Graham Richard is putting the final nail in the naysayers coffin. According to the information, the United States could not only power itself on clean solar energy, but it could easily power itself one hundred times over in the not too distant future.

This solar power system converts twice as much of the sun’s energy as existing technology

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When it comes to solar electricity, efficiency is the key to success. And a new solar electric project in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert may just be the most efficient system that exists in the world today. Swedish energy company, Ripasso, is taking advantage of the intense South African Sun to test its small-scale solar concentrator system that combines military technology with an idea from a 19th century Scottish engineer and clergyman. The results? The system converts a whopping 34 percent of the sun energy into electricity that goes straight into the grid. That’s about twice as much as traditional solar systems.

Rayton’s new super-efficient, affordable solar panels could trump fossil fuels

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Striking another blow to the oil and gas industries, an American solar company has developed technology that can produce super-efficient solar power that’s cheaper than fossil fuels. Rayton Solar’s new solar panel manufacturing technology that uses 50 to 100 times less silicon than other technologies, cutting out large amounts of the most costly component of solar panels. The company says its patent-pending process uses just four microns worth of silicon, leaving no waste – while boosting efficiency to 24 percent. That’s 25 percent higher than industry standard efficiency, according to the company

New inexpensive spray-on solar cells turn (almost) any surface into a power plant

spracyld, spray-on solar, solar power, solar efficiency, university of toronto, solar breakthrough, cqd

Researchers at the University of Toronto have unveiled a cheap, fast spray-on solar cell process that could enable the creation of solar arrays using the most modest of manufacturing methods. Even better, with the cells ‘printed’ onto flexible material, they could turn anything from airplane wings to your patio furniture into a solar power plant.

spracyld, spray-on solar, solar power, solar efficiency, university of toronto, solar breakthrough, cqd spracyld, spray-on solar, solar power, solar efficiency, university of toronto, solar breakthrough, cqd

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