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Urban Miniatures: Graffiti-Tagged Architectural Model Features Gritty Detail

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

In a world of pristine and perfect model architecture, this replica of a locksmith in Taiwan boasts dirt, grime, graffiti and rickety structural details.

Crafted by Joshua Smith (images by Ben Neal), this 1:18 scale micro-structure lights up at night and takes on a particularly compelling realism in the relative dark.

Ballpoint pen plastic is worked in to flickering lighting fixtures while tagged walls and a rusty motorbike give it a sense of character and scale.

Russia to Activists: Stop Repainting Soviet Monuments into American Icons

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

The Russian embassy has taken a hard line in Bulgaria where Soviet monuments have been spray-painted to become iconic American fictional characters from Superman and the Joker to Santa Claus and Ronald McDonald.

According to the Moscow Times, Russia has continued to demand that measures be stepped up to clean and protect the statues. They also want Bulgarian authorities to identify and punish the criminals and do more to prevent future attacks.

The monument at the center of the controversy was sprayed with red paint around the anniversary of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, but some artists have had other ideas over the years as well.

Nice Slice: 30+ Sculptures & Illustrations Created with Cut Paper

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

Hand most people some paper and an X-acto knife and ask them to make art, and at best, they’ll produce some cartoonish shapes spattered with blood. But these twelve artists are producing some of the world’s most impressive papercut art, whether by laboring over astonishingly intricate tapestries for months at a time or making use of clever minimalism for a surprisingly big impact.

Sea Creatures by Kiri Ken

KISS & Mark Up: 10 Bizarre KISS Branded Products

[ By Steve in Design & Graphics & Branding. ]

KISS and its hustling frontman Gene Simmons continue to raise the rock music merchandising bar, licensing thousands of products ranging from banal to bizarre.

Sea Wall: Dark Multi-Story Mural Shows Stormy Waters on City Streets

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

Lapping up the side of a three-story building in Kiev, Ukraine, this dark mural mixes blue and gray hues to capture dark waters and skies of the Black Sea.

Originally from London and based in Cape Town, South Africa, artist Jake Aikman enjoys working on extreme and dramatic landscapes, from dark blue oceans to dark green forests and distant lonely mountains.

Art of Deception: Pencil Drawings Look Like Colorful 3D Splashes of Paint

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ]

Seeming to rise up off the canvass, a viewer would be impressed to discover these swaths of paint to be two-dimensional in nature, but then further shocked to realize the material isn’t paint at all but pencil.

Australian artist Cj Hendry has an eye for hyper-realism, but in this series: instead of using it to draft convincing landscapes or portraits has turned to emulating oil paint.

Blooms: Hypnotizing 3D Printed Sculptures Come Alive Under Strobe Lights

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

It’s really easy to lose a chunk of your day getting lost in the hypnotizing effects of these trippy 3D-printed sculpture animations by artist John Edmark. Drawing from spiral patterns and numerical sequences often found in natural objects like pine cones, cacti, sunflowers and seashells, the objects seem to shift and change before your eyes when spun under a strobe light. Watching the videos of the sculptures in motion, it’s hard to believe these aren’t digital animations.

For the Love of STEM: 20+ Edible Creations Inspired by Math & Science

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics rarely get more delicious than this, illustrated and replicated in the form of solid chocolate, sugar crystals, fondant icing, pancakes and even bagels. Wouldn’t you want to take a bite out of an anatomically correct life-sized human skull, a 3D representation of kinetic movement, a Rubik’s cube, a Hubble Telescope photo or gory veterinary surgery in cake form?

Kinetic Tarts & Geometric Cakes

A Toddler Peers Over the US-Mexico Border Fence for JR’s Latest Installation

[ By SA Rogers in Drawing & Digital. ]

Set on scaffolding just across the rust-red fence marking the border between Tecate, California and Mexico, street artist JR’s latest installation is a towering statement on immigration issues in the United States. A one-year-old boy named Kikito peers over to the other side with all the innocence and naiveté of childhood, just days after the current U.S. administration announced its intention to end the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) immigration program.

The site-specific work is precisely angled to create the illusion that the child is grasping the top of the fence, looking out onto the Californian terrain. Like most of JR’s works, the 70-foot-tall image is rendered in black and white; the child is from the local community on the Mexican side of the border. Curated by Pedro Alonzo, the work asks onlookers to consider the fate of the 800,000 ‘Dreamers’ whose parents wished them a better future.

Reflection Perception: 12 More Mirrored Art Installations

[ By Steph in Art & Installation & Sound. ]

mirror art main

Mirrors can disrupt our perception of our environment, especially when they’re positioned to blur the lines between land and sky, up and down, reality and reflection. These 12 (more) mirrored art installations dazzle us with glinting light, confuse us with illusions and invite us to question the difference between what we are shown and what we believe to be true.

Mirrored Ziggurat by Shirin Abedinirad

mirror art ziggurat 4