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Bentley Showrooms Europe & Middle East by B&B Italia reference projects | Manufacturer references

Working to an original concept by designers Future Brand of London, B&B Italia Contract Division, have developed and engineered the custom furniture for the roll out of Bentley’s new corporate image concept for its global dealer distribution. The supply of product is for specifically more then 100 Bentley dealers in Europe, Middle East and Asia over a three-year program of showroom renewal. They were also made special environments at Headquarters Bentley Crewe and larger dealerships in the Middle East, Doha and Dubai. Bentley Architect: Future Brand continue

What A Dump: 15 Out Standing Porta-Potties

[ By Steve in Design & Graphics & Branding. ]

Most porta-potties hide in plain sight at construction projects, public events and music festivals but these outdoor loos stick out like sore bums, er thumbs.

Mussler Notino by DIA - Dittel Architekten | Shop interiors

DIA – Dittel Architekten has developed, designed and implemented the first of 10 stores planned in Germany for Mußler Beauty by Notino. The concept aims to bring the online-offline brand symbiosis to life in this space whilst promoting and expanding customer loyalty. Mußler Beauty, Stuttgart’s traditional perfumery, and Notino, Europe’s leading online retailer for beauty care, merged to benefit from their expertise in stationary and online trade. As online business grows, so does the need for service, advice and product experience. Mußler Beauty by Notino is a good example of new thinking within the business. DIA offers its own interpretation of the consumer of tomorrow in its store design, showing a future-oriented path of transformation in its architecture and design. The holistic brand experience is the focus of the design concept. Everything revolves around what the consumer is looking for in stationary retail: individualization, emotionality, social exchange and exclusivit… continue

Tread Setters: 15 Wheely Cool Spare Tire Covers

[ By Steve in Art & Street Art & Graffiti. ]

Circular spare tire covers mounted on SUVs and Jeeps double as convenient creative canvases for drivers eager to take their particular passions on the road.

Spare tire covers are designed to take a lot of abuse, so investing one’s time, money and creativity towards designing a custom spare tire cover is definitely a labor of love. As long as the driver keeps it (both the cover and the message being expressed) clean, the payoff comes from the smiles and snapshots elicited from those following. Just don’t get hypnotized by some of the designs… “Inception”-style covers like the ones on the above Land Cruiser and Jeep have a way of pulling you in.

Tom Hewitt

Tom Hewitt
Landhaus Tom Hewitt In the early 19th century, Karl Friedrich Schinkel journeyed throughout Europe documenting fragments through sketching, drawing and note-making. These were gathered as a taxonomy in his life’s work: Das Architektonische Lehrbuch. The fragments are viewed through propositional eyes, as memories of future work. _ Landhaus: An Ensemble of Fragments Schinkel’s Römische Bäder, … Continue reading Tom Hewitt

Call for Entries for the Tenth European Prize for Urban Public Space

The architect Olga Tarrasó, also holder of a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture, will be President of the International Jury. Inaugurated in 2000, this biennial award is the only Europe-wide prize for public space. It is offered by seven European institutions with the aim of recognising and publicising newly created, recovered or improved public spaces […]

Fine Dining Design: 14 Modern Restaurant Interiors with Amazing Ambiance

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

Dine underwater in Norway, beneath a ceiling of butterflies in Bangkok, amidst kinetic planetary spheres in Bulgaria or immersed in virtual reality nature in Tokyo with the most stunning modern restaurant designs of 2017. Some people say ambiance is just as integral to the overall enjoyment of a meal as the food itself, and these 14 new restaurant interiors from around the world offer multi-sensory delights ranging from the understated and sophisticated to the wild and unexpected.

The Iron Fairies Underground Bar Full of Butterflies by Ashley Sutton

Dovers Commonwealth War Memorial

With years of austerity and the nibbling away at the professions territory, the UK can sometimes seem a hard place to find worthwhile projects to undertake as a landscape architect. One UK practice, craft:pegg, has scored a significant success by adopting a strategy of inventing projects and clients to undertake the dream jobs they would never otherwise be able to engage with.

In 2005 as part of an academic studio to investigate how entrepreneurial architectural initiatives might save “At Risk” heritage from the ravages of time the practice developed a purely hypothetical project to create a huge memorial to all of the British Commonwealth War dead from the two world wars.

42 Buried Buses Form America’s Largest Underground Nuclear Fallout Bunker

[ By WebUrbanist in Destinations & Sights & Travel. ]

Composed of dozens of school buses surrounded with concrete, there may not be room for two of every Earthly animal in this “Ark Two” but there is space for around 500 humans (kids and adults) to cohabitate through a moderate apocalypse.

Located in Horning’s Mills (in case you need to get there in an emergency) on the edge of Toronto, Canada, this remarkable shelter features 10,000 feet of subterranean space. The resulting mega-structure is the largest known private fallout shelter on the North American continent.

Bruce and Jean Beach, a local couple, live on adjacent land and built their underground bunker to last, encasing a series of interconnected buses in solid concrete. As it turns out: a derelict bus is cheap, costing just a few hundred dollars, but its reinforced steel frame makes it a strong candidate to be used for a mold. The buses are carefully aligned to create sequential spaces serving different key functions.