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The Key Elements of a Perfect Master Bathroom

It may seem beyond your reach right now, but creating the perfect master bathroom is something you can definitely have if you put your mind to it. And in fact, it only requires a few must have features to make your master bath ideal for just about everyone in your family.

Doing a beautiful master bathroom is usually done when you buy your own house and want to do something special for your family. If you are, however, undertaking this for your house you are planning to rent to another family, you may want to monitor if they are subletting it and potentially risking the remodeling you just invested in.

If you’ve been dreaming about revamping your master bathroom for a while, we’d like to tell you about a number of incredible features that we feel should make your ultimate wish list.

Hidden Storage Spaces

For some reason, we never seem to have enough storage space in our bathroom. We always need additional room to put things like towels, toilet paper, additional bars of soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, and anything else that you might need to store in this room.

A Few Steps Higher: 14 Unusually Artistic Modern Staircase Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

Stairs are inherently utilitarian, but some architects choose to really step up their interiors with highly sculptural designs that make you want to walk up and down a bunch of times. Cantilevered creations, floating stairs, spirals made of stone and zig-zagging graphic designs add both literal and figurative movement to these apartments, museums, offices and shops.

Stone and Wire in London by Groupwork + Amin Taha

Dandelion-inspired columns create curved arches inside Beijing toy shop by Penda

A network of columns and arches frame this toy shop and cafe inside a retail development in Beijing, referencing the mascot for the shopping centre – a dandelion seedling named Toby (+ slideshow). (more…)

Five Consumer Trends Driving the Adoption of LED Lighting

Light serves as an opportunity for creating space, managing moods and improving the quality of life. The appropriate solution for any kind of lighting application must be based on a well-balanced consideration of certain factors like materials being used, environmental constraints, aesthetics of the setting and many more.

When consumers think about energy-efficient lighting, often many of them get discouraged in memory of the conventional CFL bulbs. When the CFL bulbs were being first launched, consumer acceptance slowed down because of the fact that most of the products were not being made up to the consumer expectations and preferences. Thus, they always search for refined ways that would come with improved efficiency and enhanced aesthetics.

LED lighting solutions come with an array of promising benefits, which altogether have made it a recommended choice of experts. The consumer adoption for LED technology indicates a particular trend, which surely influences the demand and supply of such products. Following here are some of them.

Led Lighting 600x400 Five Consumer Trends Driving the Adoption of LED Lighting


Tudor Street Helical Staircase

Posted by Elite Metalcraft Co Ltd

The Tudor Street staircase is an unsupported elliptical construction designed for international law firm Jones Day. Elite Metalcraft provided the entire stair structure including the curved glass balustrade

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We found the best Interior Designer from UrbanClap

After a lot of struggle in our respective careers, I and Rishabh decided to settle down in a Multi National Company in Mumbai. I have always been someone, who loves art and artistic things a lot. So, when we rented a beautiful house together, I just wanted it to look perfect and designed. I am the person who is more addicted to beautiful things rather than long lasting things.

My kitchen seems to be the perfect example of well designed cooking spot. Floral motifs’ dinner sets, standard cook ware and serve ware with precious glass ware decorated my kitchen, the way I wanted. But to design and decorate our new house we needed one among the best interior designers in Mumbai.

Interior designers are those who can design your home in the best possible way, according to your needs and demands. In Mumbai, you get to come across lot and lot of Interior designers, but the most important question is how to find the best among them? You can’t move one by one to their respective offices, in order to go through their portfolios; which sometimes are so pathetic that you think you can do this designing stuff on your own.

Daycare centre near Brussels features child-size furniture and a combined staircase and slide

Skylights illuminate the timber-lined atrium of this daycare centre by ZAmpone Architectuur, where furniture, sleeping nooks and even the staircase are all designed to be accessible for little occupants (+ slideshow). (more…)

Rustic Industrial Bathrooms

If you watch a lot of home renovation shows on TV or enjoy flipping through design magazines, you’re well aware that “industrial rustic” is trending in the interior design world these days.

Not sure what we’re talking about? Industrial rustic might sound like a bit of a style conflict and it kind of is—but it’s a conflict that totally works! Think contrasting elements, like vintage patterns, alongside hard edges and cold metal textures alongside warm wood finish. The effect is certainly eclectic, but it can be truly stunning! Best of all, since industrial rustic is all about “unfinished” finishes and mixing and matching, it can be one of the most affordable interior design themes!

If you’re ready to incorporate an industrial rustic theme into your home, the bathroom is a great place to start! Let us share a few ideas with you about how to design the industrial rustic bathroom of your dreams.

  1. Connecticut Barn Refurbished by New York Practice S. Russell Groves

The streamlined bathroom and white walls in this bathroom would be sterile on their own, but the natural wood rafters and rustic stone tiling on the floor warm up the space. A perfect example of how two clashing styles can complement each other perfectly!Rustic Industrial Bathrooms 600x739 Rustic Industrial Bathrooms

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Shower, Bathtub or Both?

Buying a new home or renovating an existing one involves some tough decision-making. Among the many seemingly minute things you’ll have to decide on is whether it would be better to have a bathroom with a bathtub, a shower or a combination of both. Here are some of the reasons why you should give this aspect of your home some deep thought.

Shower Bathtub 600x442 Shower, Bathtub or Both?

  • Accessibility can be a major factor when choosing between a bathroom with a bathtub or a shower. This is especially true if you’ve got elderly residents or persons with disabilities to consider, in which case you may also need to think about the advantages of walk-in tubs or roll-in showers.
  • Available space will play a huge role when making this decision.
  • When it comes to bathrooms, you’ll need to consider the wants and needs of the entire family.
  • Every part of a home contributes to the overall resale value of the property.

So, how do you decide whether you need a bathtub or shower? Here are some points you should consider.Shower Bathtub 1 600x442 Shower, Bathtub or Both?

Property Value