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Luxe for Less: How to Make Your Discount Furniture Finds Look More Expensive

Let’s face it: Furniture can be expensive. To outfit your home with rooms full of quality pieces, you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars. That’s why most people have a mix of high-end pieces and discount (or free) furniture that they collect over the years.

That doesn’t mean that your less-expensive furniture has to look cheap, though. With a little ingenuity, your hand-me-downs, yard sale finds, and discount store furniture can look like their more expensive cousins. So, whether you’re putting together some Swedish furniture with an Allen wrench or hiring a Houston furniture assembly service to tackle the task for you, try some of these tricks to get a luxe look for less.

1. Paint

The fastest, and one of the least expensive, ways to change the look of your furniture is with paint. A few coats of paint can completely change the look of any piece of furniture, and if you don’t like it, you can just paint over it. Some designer tricks for using paint include:

Seven Tips To Consider When Planning Your Home’s Interior Design

The interior design is what gives a house its atmosphere. If you’re planning on moving in or redecorating your home then you can redesign to your heart’s content. However, it’s not easy to decide on the themes to follow, plan on the details to add, and determine the purposes of the rooms. A lot of careful planning, study, and budgeting takes place when redesigning a house.

 You can always do whatever you like with the design. You just have to see to it that the total look of the house will be pleasing to the eye. Choosing the overall look of the house can cause a headache, especially to those who are impulsively deciding on what to place inside their house. If you have the money, you can ask for expert advice on how to transform your space.

Here are a few tips to consider when redesigning your house:

 1. Design a house for your family.
This is one crucial thing to do yet anyone tends to overlook this. You are designing a home where your family should live in. A house should always be a home. Instead of making it look like the ones in the magazines, make it a house that your family is comfortable to live in. Also, consider your pets. There are also things you can buy for the mess they make, like for instance, a
robot vacuum for dog hair removal which will save you the hassle of cleaning the dog’s hair from the floor all day.

Seven Benefits Of Minimal Bedroom Décor

A minimalistic design is not just a trend but a way of life for many people. It is about appreciating things that matter and removing objects that distract you. You can still have things in your life, but it is a collection of belongings that add value to you. Many people believe living a minimalistic life is hard, improbable tasks in a world that is so materialistic but those who try it, often, find the freedom exhilarating.

“Minimalism is not subtraction for the sake of subtraction. Minimalism is subtraction for the sake of focus.”

One of the biggest misconceptions of minimalism is that it restricts you. Ironically, the purpose of a minimalistic life is freedom. The minute you stop giving importance to materialistic possessions, you reject the idea of happiness all the advertisements and the media has forced upon you. You are free from worry, guilt, captivity, burden and depression. In fact, most religious scriptures emphasize not placing material possessions over the actual important things in life.

The idea of minimalism can be put into various aspects of our lives. With a minimalistic approach in your home, you intentionally promote the space. With the approach on architecture, you intentionally make the best use of the space. In photography, fashion and art, minimalism focuses on the core rather than the superfluous.

Intelligent Interiors: Robotic Furniture Retracts to Ceiling When Not in Use

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Driven by an artificially intelligent butler, this smart furniture system promises to free up valuable floor space by lifting and lowering modular interior design elements as needed, putting them into play or pulling them up to the ceiling on demand.

Bumblee Spaces has designed their bot to learn and adapt, anticipating needs in addition to responding to specific requests — it even scans items in storage then tracks their location for retrieval, helping you find stuff like lost keys faster. And if it’s raining, the roombot can also call down your umbrella in case you forget.

Cloud-like Circular Staircase Stands at the Center of This Chinese Villa

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Floating staircases always make a big impact, but rarely do they actually look like they’re just wisps of clouds spiraling through a living space. Prior to renovation, the three floors of this home weren’t connected by a single staircase, leading the basement walkout level to feel distanced from the first and second floors. KOS Architects and Atelier Zerebecky wanted to give the villa a sense of liberating weightlessness, a space that feels fresh and light amid the noisy clamor of urban China.

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

There has been an increasing shift toward professionals working remotely lately, with more than 70% of the workforce working outside of the office at least once a week. On top of this, around 3.9 million Americans now work from home for at least half of their working week. Many people choose to work from home in an attempt to achieve the perfect home life/work balance. If you are one of those statistics or wish to pursue a career that allows you to work full-time from the comfort of your own home, it would be wise to set up a home office. A home office allows you to create a dedicated workspace that can also be shut away outside of office hours. Here are a few things to keep in mind to utilize the space to its full potential.

Invest in Quality Equipment

Obviously, a PC or laptop will be first on your list. However, don’t be tempted to go for the cheapest option in a bid to save money. Consider the different ways in which you’ll need to use your computer, as some tasks will require more memory, better graphics, or extra storage. If your job entails working on-the-go at times, a laptop would be your best bet. However, bear in mind that a cheaper laptop will need replacing far sooner than if you were to spend a little extra on an upgrade.

How to Make an Aquarium Complement Your Space?

If you want to put an aquarium in your living space, you need to consider a few things to pull the look successfully.

Following, we are sharing a guide that will help you make an impression with your aquarium.

Where You Want to put it?

The first thing you need it finding the room where you will install the aquarium. Choose a room where you will get the most use or calming effect. Following we are sharing some examples

  • Kitchen
  • Living Room
  • Guest Room
  • Bedroom

Consider your current décor. If your space already has a hectic design then doesn’t use bright colors in your aquarium. When choosing the room, make sure the fish is comfortable there was well. Mind the temperature because temperature fluctuation can harm the fish. So, don’t install it near the stove, radiator, air conditioner or windows. Consult a design expert if you can’t make your mind.

Are Wood Doors Better Than Fiberglass Doors?

If you are stuck between choosing a wooden door or a fiberglass door to install in your home office, you are not alone. At first glance, they seem so similar that you may be mistaken in believing that they are equivalent, but they have some distinct differences which you need to be aware of before you make your decision. There are pros and cons to both, and both short-term and long-term financial aspects to consider.

The Pros of Wooden vs Fiberglass Doors

Wooden doors are associated with high end decor, and are the first choice in terms of quality and aesthetic design. They add a timeless style to your property which fiberglass doors cannot match. They can also be intricately carved and designed with an artistic finish, and can be repaired fairly easily if scratched or tarnished. They are also quite straightforward and practical in their installation, and can be fitted and maintained by almost anyone with the correct tools and materials. Like fiberglass doors, you can sand, varnish or paint wooden doors to the exact texture and finish you desire.

Fiberglass doors also have their own advantages, the main ones being superior durability and weather-resistance. Fiberglass doors have been known to outlast wooden doors, going for many years without becoming rotten, misshapen, or dilapidated, and require minimal maintenance, compared to wooden doors.

Best Tiles Suitable For Your Home

It’s easy to think that you can install the tiles you want in your home, whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom or in an entryway. However, it takes more than choosing and watching helpful videos online to know how to install tiles properly. Consider a few reasons why it’s always good to choose the type of tiles for your home carefully.

The following tips will guide you in making the right choice.

1. Slip Resistance

Slippery floors are very dangerous especially if your home has children, elderly and disabled people. When choosing tiles, make sure you go for tiles that are slip resistant. A bathroom is the most affected part of your house and that is where most accidents tend to happen. You can choose to have pebbles, mosaic or ceramic tiles for your bathroom. Make sure the source of your tiles is reliable. This will ensure the safety of your floors or walls. Your kitchen too will need tiles that safe since there are a lot of activities that involve water and soaps in there that can make you slide and fall.

2. Quality

Systems to Incorporate Natural Lighting in Your Projects

There is nothing more rational than taking advantage of natural lighting as a guarantee to improve the spatial quality of buildings, as well as saving energy. The awareness of the finitude of natural resources and the demands for reducing energy consumption has increasingly diminished the prominence of artificial lighting systems, forcing architects to seek more efficient design solutions. With this goal in mind, different operations have been adopted to capture natural light.

These systems can also guarantee excellent spatial properties if projected correctly. Below we have gathered five essential systems for zenithal lighting.


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Established as horizontal openings strategically positioned on the roofs of buildings, skylights allow the direct entrance of natural light into the internal region of the construction. It commonly receives an application of translucent glass on its upper side, allowing a higher percentage of light into the space. They should be used with care, since they tend to favor the gain of thermal loads in the building, increasing the internal temperature. Therefore, they must be strategically positioned and projected regarding dimensions and sealing materials.