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Jay Osgerby: "Design is the Answer to a Very Difficult Question"

Oxford-born designer, Jay Osgerby has achieved virtually everything there is to achieve in the world of design. Together with his partner Edward Barber, Osgerby runs the internationally renowned Barber & Osgerby design studio. From diverse designs for well-known manufacturers such as Vitra and B&B Italia to the official torch for the 2012 Olympic Games in London and a two-pound coin commemorating the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, Osgerby and his partner have been almost restless in their creation of numerous icons. “I find it quite difficult to not think about work. I’m always thinking about what’s next. I’m terrible at stopping and just thinking.”

Large-Scale Light Art Comes to Life in Amsterdam for Annual Festival

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Installation & Sound. ]

Every winter, visitors and residents alike get to see Amsterdam in a whole new light – literally – as large-scale light art installations add an extra layer of vibrance to the city. For the seventh annual edition, the Amsterdam Light Festival chose the theme “The Medium is the Message,” a modern-day evaluation of the famous phrase coined by Canadian scientist Marshall McLuhan. The role light plays in conveying a message glows in the foreground with Amsterdam as the stage, each work interacting with its setting.

Call for Submissions: 2018 Holiday Card Challenge

It's time to get into the Holiday Spirit! As we've done for the past few years, we're seeking holiday cards with an architectural spin to feature on ArchDaily. We expect abundant puns and festively decorated classic buildings. :)

Competition Guidelines:

  • Design must be submitted as a .jpg/.png/.gif
  • Format is 1800 x 1200 pixels (vertical or horizontal)
  • Design must be original and suitable for publication on ArchDaily
  • The theme for the design can be Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years, etc.
  • All entries must be received by December 17 at 10PM EST
  • You may submit more than one entry
  • Our favorite submissions will be published 

Nera: The World’s First Fully 3D-Printed Motorcycle Features Airless Tires

[ By SA Rogers in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ]

All black, electric and completely 3D-printed: BigRep’s Nera Motorcycle is here, and ready to change the game. The electronic components of this brand new, futuristic-looking motorbike are the only elements that weren’t created on large-scale 3D printers. Flexible bumpers replace traditional suspension systems, and those custom tires are as cool as they are intriguing.

BigRep is a leader in industrial large-scale additive manufacturing, and the Nera was created by the company’s NowLab innovation consultancy.

“The Nera combines several innovations developed by Nowlab, such as the airless tire, functional integration and embedded sensor technology,” says Nowlab’s Daniel Büning. “This bike and our other prototypes push the limits of engineering creativity and will reshape AM technology as we know it.”

Everything You Need In Your Kitchen

Do you plan on cooking at lot of meals at home? If the answer is yes, you’ll need to realize that you cannot do everything on your own. Without the right tools, appliances and supplies, you’ll never be able to cook those delicious foods. Unfortunately, there are plenty of items that you need. The good news is that some are more important than others. Some of the most important will be explored below for your consideration.

Dishes And Utensils

Once you’ve prepared a delicious meal, you’ll want to make sure that everyone will be able to enjoy it. Regardless of the size of your family, you can guarantee that you’ll need dishes and utensils. If you want to think outside of the box and save yourself some many, you may be able to solve this problem with plastic forks and paper plates. Just make sure you get good plates or your food might end up in your lap.

Glasses And Mugs

While you’re at it, you need to make sure that your guests will be able to enjoy their meals with beverages. This is why you’ll need some glasses and mugs. There are plenty of options out there. You can buy plastic cups and save yourself some cash. Either way, it is pertinent to make sure that you have enough to meet and exceed the needs of everyone.


Apple Unveils Greenest MacBook Ever, New iPad and Mac Mini

© Apple © Apple

Apple has released new details about their MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro. The MacBook Air has finally gotten the long-requested Retina Display, and the design has new features like its Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The broad redesign also extends to the new iPad Pro, where the design nearly gets rid of the bezel that has traditionally wrapped around the sides of the screen and Apple's Face ID facial recognition technology has been included in the tablet for the first time ever.

Hidden Depths: 20 Tentacles of Lurking Sea Creature Sprout from Warehouse

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Installation & Sound. ]

Any horror fan knows hinting at a larger evil with teaser visuals is a classic trick, like letting viewers imagine, for instance, what kind of hideous invader might be putting feelers out the window of this old warehouse in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard.

Titled simply Sea Monsters HERE, the inflatable installation was created by artists Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas in partnership with Group X, an anonymous collective of local artists and curators.

The arching purple limbs span up to 40 feet and feature blue surfaces with green suckers on the bottom to add some additional nightmare fuel. Readers (or watchers) of Stephen King’s The Mist may find the foggy images particularly compelling.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi / Benoy

© Jim Stephenson © Jim Stephenson
  • Interiors Designers: Benoy
  • Location: Island de Yas, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Area: 176000.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: Jim Stephenson
  • Client: Aldar Properties PJSC
© Jim Stephenson © Jim Stephenson

Text description provided by the architects. Abu-Dhabi’s Yas Island is a cultural landmark and manmade phenomenon. At the heart of this landscape, our client wanted to build the first ever Ferrari Theme Park. The location, scale and purpose of this major development required a bold and creative vision, while paying homage to the iconic Ferrari brand.

What is PVC used for

The diversity of PVC applications challenges the imagination. In existence, they’re all around North America. PVC is utilized for everything from construction profiles to medical devices, from roofing membranes to credit cards, and from children’s toys to pipes for water and gas. Few different materials are as versatile or able to fulfill such hard to please specifications. PVC offers creativeness in product engineering and innovation, creating new potentialities on the market daily.

Why is PVC that good?

PVC is fantastic simply because PVC products build safer lives for everybody. In addition to that, they bring comfort and joy and facilitate conserve natural resources and combat global climate change. And because of a wonderful cost-performance magnitude relation, PVC permits individuals of all financial backgrounds to access to board the green life that supports healthy lifestyles!

Why does PVC mean to promoting safer lifestyle?

PVC plays a crucial part in making sure people are living in a safe environment.  It can be applied in many occasions, it’s even used for medical devices. Not only that, it can be easily sterilized and it doesn’t break easy. What more can you want?

Architecture Costumes For Halloween, Carnival and Office Parties

The Original Whitney by Lina Bondarenko The Original Whitney by Lina Bondarenko

This was originally posted on October 17, 2017.

When it's time to dress up for Halloween, Carnival or theme parties, people often choose costumes that resonate with their interests. This is especially true for architects, who are particularly well-suited to designing and building head-turning outfits. For students and young architects, the yearning to construct (and destruct) stems from the will to create elaborate headpieces and ingenious appendages.

We recently polled ArchDaily readers from across the world, asking them to share their architecture-themed costumes with us. Want to submit yours? We'll be updating this post so send us your photo on Facebook or via the comments below!