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Book Review: Fables for the Drone Age

Fables for the Drone Age by Richard Goodwin
N Editions, 2017
Paperback, 50 pages

Even though I cover architecture for a living, every now and then I come across architects who have been practicing for a while but for some reason I'm unaware. One such architect/artist whom I should have known about much sooner is Richard Goodwin; according to his website he has been practicing for 42 years. Quick glances at the Australian's work, both on his website and in this new book coinciding with an exhibition at London's Betts Project earlier this year, brings to mind the work of Lebbeus Woods, Kaplan and Krueger, Wes Jones, and other architects whose practices veered into art and confronted technology head-on.

Registration – eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition

eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition eVolo Magazine is pleased to invite architects, students, engineers, designers, and artists from around the globe to take part in the eVolo 2013 Skyscraper Competition. Established in 2006, the annual Skyscraper Competition is one of the world’s most prestigious awards for high-rise architecture. It recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine skyscraper design through the implementation of novel technologies, materials, programs, aesthetics, and spatial organizations along with studies on globalization, flexibility, adaptability, and the digital revolution.

2013 on Pace for One of the Warmest Years on Record

World Meteorological Association, global warming, climate change, warming trend, Australia, United States

In a statement on the status of the climate in 2013 released on Wednesday, the World Meteorological Association says this year is shaping up to be among the top ten warmest since records began in 1850. The first nine months of 2013 tied with 2003 as the seventh warmest on record, while average global land and ocean surface temperatures are around 0.86°F (0.48°C) higher than the 1961-1990 average.

New Map Shows Accelerated Animal Migration and Extinction Due to Climate Change

CSIRO climate change map, animal extinction from climate change, animal migration in Australia, animal thermal limits, long-spined sea urchins, animal sink areas, Koala bear extinction, animal migration corridors,

The true threat that climate change poses to various species across the globe is staggering, and thanks to a new map from CSIRO and an international team of scientists, we now have a visual representation. The map shows how climate change will force Australian animals and plants to find new homes, or face extinction. Areas most seriously affected include central and eastern Australia, large portions of Queensland, and a significant chunk of Northwestern Australia.

La casa de vacaciones no es una residencia permanente

Letterbox house es el nombre de una vivienda de vacaciones en Blairgowrie, en Australia, proyectada por el estudio McBride Charles Ryan, el cual hizo hincapié en la diferencia que existe entre una cas...

A Timber Clad Home That Maximized Its Ocean Views

Smart Design Studio have designed the Lamble Residence, a house that overlooks a beach located on the south coast of New South Wales, Australia.


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We have all been waiting way too long for this moment to come, but the summer is finally here and now the least we can do to welcome it is to do it with style. So, after lots of dark, rainy and chilly days, we’ve got the opportunity to toss away our heavy jackets and winter clothes, jump into comfortable T-shirts and shorts, and start transforming our backyard into a beautiful oasis where we can spend wonderful summer nights barbecuing, hanging out with friends or just relaxing on our own. If you recognized yourself and your feelings in the previous sentences, keep reading this article and learn many useful tips that will help you convert your backyard into a paradise resort, where you can enjoy the summer to the fullest.


Where to start?

No matter how big your backyard actually is, you can easily redesign it and make it a real piece of heaven by spicing up some stuff and buying a thing or two. For example, you should start with lighting, since it truly is able to change the whole perspective of your outdoor space and give it some sort of a unique, indescribable spirit everyone will adore. In order to create an inviting space, you ought to get some interesting lighting devices, such as torches or mason jars with candles, since this will give your backyard a tropical, yet romantic appearance.