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Watch Tesla’s new Model S ‘Insane Mode’ go from 0 – 60mph in 3.2 seconds

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When the Tesla Model S was launched, it looked rather like the mature big brother sedan to the fast and funky Roadster. But all that has come to an end with the inclusion of the “Insane Mode” button on the new Model S P85D. Not only does the car rocket from 0-60 faster than a Roadster 2.5S, it includes a little extra kick for that jump up to 70mph. The YouTube channel DragTimes filmed some passenger reactions to show just how aptly named the ‘insane mode’ is.

Vukee Car Launches the World’s First Tesla Car Sharing Program

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There are several car sharing services like Zipcar that offer access to electric vehicles, but vukee Car just announced the world’s first car sharing service to offer the Tesla Model S! This spring the Palo Alto-based company is set to launch the first Tesla car sharing service in the U.S.

Porsche to launch all-electric Tesla Model S rival in 2019, reports say

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Tesla has established itself pretty firmly as the leader of the electric car pack, but it may have to watch its back as more conventional car companies look to get into the green car game. According to reports, Porsche looks to be the latest contender with engineers now at work on an all-electric sedan of their own. But how will the newcomer rival Tesla’s formidable Model S P85D?

Miami Developer Offers Free Tesla Model S to Penthouse Buyers

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A Miami developer is offering an unusual perk for prospective tenants: if potential buyers play their cards right, they may receive a customized Telsa Model S free with their new penthouse. Property Markets Group hasn’t been loudly advertising the deal, preferring to hold the option in reserve to sweeten the deal for customers who make generous bids on the new condos.

Is BMW planning an all-electric SUV to rival the Tesla Model X?

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Ever since the BMW i3 and i8 electric cars arrived last year, there has been a lot of speculation about what other models BMW could introduce to the electric i-sub brand. There have been several reports about a model dubbed the i5 that could compete with the Tesla Model S, but now a new report claims that the third “i” model could actually be an electric SUV.

How Smart Meters Could Optimize the United States’ Energy Grid for EV Charging

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Last year car buyers bought a record 100,000 electric vehicles – and that number is expected to grow more and more each year. As electric cars like the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf leave dealer showrooms, the influx of EVs could weigh heavily on the United States’ aging electric system. But a team of scientists from the University of Vermont have proposed a new solution using smart meters that could reduce the strain on the nation’s power grid.

Tesla Model S drivers rack up one billion all-electric miles, saving 570,000 tons of CO2

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With nearly 200 Tesla Supercharger stations strategically placed throughout the continental U.S. and another 150 elsewhere on the planet, it’s easier than ever to ‘drive 65’ in an electric luxury vehicle. Tesla Model S owners worldwide have done that and more, banking over one billion miles since the electric car’s introduction less than three years ago. A recent boost in sales helped Tesla climb from just 500 million miles last July to a landmark one billion this month, according to data collected from each of the 76,000 Model S cars on the road worldwide.