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Restored 1954 Flying Cloud Airstream in Mint Condition Travels Off-Road!

Orvis, green renovation, restored airstream, vintage copper vent, Flying Cloud Airstream, green design, sustainable design, eco design, Timeless Travel Trailers, green transportation, tiny homes, nomadic living,

We love to see an old beat up bus or van restored to its former glory, but we especially swoon over renovated Airstream trailers – and this one is awesome. Originally used as an old hunting and fishing lodge near Goose Lake, Oregon, this 1954 Flying Cloud Airstream was moved to a factory in Denver, Colorado, where Timeless Travel Trailers gave it a complete (and rather luxurious) facelift for Orvis – one of America’s most renowned outdoors companies.

AeroVelo Human-Powered Helicopter Wins Elusive $250,000 Sikorsky Prize!

Atlas, AeroVelo, human-powered helicopter, green transportation, clean tech, Sikorsky Prize, Toronto, collegiate design competition, sustainable design, eco-design, design competitions, human-powered helicopter competition

Canadian startup Aerovelo just won the elusive $250,000 Sikorsky Prize with their incredible human-powered helicopter called Atlas! The Sikorsky rules—which were developed when the competition was launched in 1980—are daunting: they require teams to keep their helicopter suspended at least ten feet in the air for a minimum of 60 seconds, and, while there, they must remain within a 30×30 foot boundary. After several failed attempts, AeroVelo’s Todd Reichert and Cameron Robertson finally hit the mark within ten seconds of the competition’s end. Watch the video after the jump!

Smart Fourjoy Electric Concept Car Unveiled Ahead of its Frankfurt Motor Show Debut

smart, daimler, 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, electric car, smart fourjoy, smart electric car, smart electric car concept, smart concept car, green car, electric longboard, green transportation

Smart has unveiled its newest concept car, the fourjoy concept, which is slated to debut next week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The compact four-seater is an electric concept car that previews the next generation four-door smart, and it is expected to arrive late next year.

United States Government Shutdown Cuts Down on Emissions

us government shudown, shutdown, environment, policy, politics, environmental policy, emissions, government shutdown, united states shutdown, congress, president obama, obama, transportation emissionsUS Capitol photo from Shutterstock

President Obama has been pushing an environmental agenda since he stepped into office in 2008. He has made statements, called for the lease of more federal land for renewable energy generation, and created policy to ward off climate change, the most recent of which provides further restrictions on carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. But perhaps it’s Congress that’s making the big impact. The government shutdown, which has furloughed an estimated 1 million federal employees—almost half of the government workforce—and put a halt on many operations in almost every agency, may be doing the environment a favor. It seems cutting back on the workforce might reduce the nation’s emissions.

Siew Ming Cheng’s ‘Spike Away’ Vest Repels Pushy Passengers on Crowded Trains

Plastic Clothes, Chindogu, Siew Ming Cheng, Spike Away, Singapore, Werner Aisslinger, National Unviersity of Singapore, commuter, crowded trains, Asia, Plastic, creating more personal space on public transit, public transit, green gadgets, commuter repellent, spikey vest for mass transit,

If you’ve ever been on a crowded train you know there’s no such thing as personal space when your head is stuck in the armpit of some random person. In an effort to shoo away pushy jerks on public transportation, Siew Ming Cheng created a vest covered in spikes called Spike Away. It might look ridiculous to wear in public, but the next time you’re on a crowded train it might just save you some personal space.