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If you have ever read freshairguide’s review of the IQ AIR Health pro plus, then it has no doubt already sold you on how good this machine is and why more and more hospitals are using them.

With the hike in air bourne diseases that are becoming in-treatable, along record high air pollution in major cities – medical centres are having to act quickly and decisively in order to combat the war against airbourne contaminants.

So, If you or one of your loved ones at home have a serious respiratory problem, or a weakened immune system – choosing the best air purifier at it’s job on the market is an absolute priority and if hospitals are now considering the healthpro plus as the machine of choice, then it’s definitely equipped to help in your home too.

To keep your loved ones in the ‘pink of health’, you must keep a check on the air they breathe. The air at your place may contain airborne allergens including pollens, dust particles, and spores to name just a few. Here is where an Air Purifier comes to the rescue. In this sense, an air purifier serves as a vacuum cleaner and vacuums out the allergy-causing particles from the air and makes it fresh and clean.

Extended Essay on Design and Technology

The word design means different things to different people. In many cases, it bases on the perception of an individual towards a specific product or object. People tend to think of design as a noun. For example, “that’s a good design,” however the plan is a verb within the current context of Design and Technology.

It’s a way of looking at the world, it’s not an “it” but rather a “how.” A method of doing things. It’s the process of converting an idea to the real world application whether we’re talking about the app you’re using or the car you’re driving.

Since the incorporation of Design and Technology in the UK curriculum in 1989, we have seen an increase in the quality of engineers produced by the school system. Being taught from a very early age, students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in math and physics in a real-world scenario. Taking the abstract and bringing it into an applicable model that is easier to understand.

3D Print the World: 12 Ways This Technology Will Soon Flourish in Cities

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Cities & Urbanism. ]

Ready or not, the 3D-printed future is coming, and the first examples are already arriving in cities around the world in the form of office buildings, small houses, public furniture, public art and self-driving buses. Restaurants that squirt your meals into intricate shapes through a 3D printer will likely proliferate, and before long, this tech revolution is expected to take over all sorts of urban construction processes, like building roads and bridges. 3D printing requires far less labor than other building processes, of course, something that makes a lot of people nervous about the future of jobs. But it’s also cheaper, more sustainable, and results in far more complex, ornamental structures.

Public Furniture: 3D-Printed Benches Made of Trash Bags

Apple Store Opens in Chicago

Today the Apple Michigan Avenue store opens to the public. Designed by Norman Foster, the store replaces the older Bohlin Cywinski Jackson store a few blocks up Michigan Avenue. Like other recent Apple stores around the world, this one is more lightweight, transparent and outwardly simpler than older stores.

[All photographs courtesy of Apple]

The store is also a symbol of Chicago's move toward the river, something it has been doing with the Chicago Riverwalk (south side of the river, roughly between Michigan Avenue and Lake Street) and projects like this one on the north side of the river and the new CAF location opening across the river from Apple next year.

Houses to Human Hearts: 13 Recent Breakthroughs in 3D-Printed Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Conceptual & Futuristic & Technology. ]

When 3D printers are widely accessible and affordable, will we see another industrial revolution, enabling us to manufacture just about everything we need on demand? Progress made in 3D printing thus far looks promising. Designers, engineers, architects and even novices are printing everything from fully functional human hearts and custom biodegradable shoes to full-scale architecture and bicycle bridges. One designer even printed himself a large-format camera based on three models he couldn’t afford.

Beating Artificial Heart

3D Printed Furniture?

3D design opens new doors for interior designing

A look at today’s interior design, specifically in the furnishings and supporting décor will show that there is a leaning to the unusual and luxurious. For designers coupling a client’s taste, personality, and budget may be a daunting task, especially if any of these elements do not correspond with another. Often, one will find that the demands of the design are either too high for the allotted budget, or simply do not exist. And here is where 3D printing can help in your furnishings.

Create Concepts

If you can draw structurally sound furnishings which do not exist in the real-world, you can pass that design off to a 3D artist to have it modeled out to scale. A good 3D artist will note that the fabrics will need to be on a separate layer and that the framework should be isolated and will produce a 3D model which reflects this. Because 3D printers can print complex shapes, the design of the furniture is mainly limited by the scope of your imagination and the size of the printing box in which the furniture will be fabricated.

Keep in mind that you will need to make the cushions and the fabric additions to the furniture post fabrication. While 3D printers have come a along way, they have not yet designed a machine to create hard interior framing and plush cushion exteriors. That being stated, chairs have been printed and had standard sized cushions added, fixtures have been designed and had electrical elements added post-fabrication as well. It really is just a matter of getting your concept into 3D and then tweaking and printing the concept out.

Development Associate, New Business

Location: San Francisco, CA

Start Date: Immediate

Position Type: Full-time

The Development Associate, New Business provides support for Architecture for Humanity's Manager of New Business Development, the development team and program staff in ongoing, strategic resource and new business development.
This includes: (1) writing winning proposals for government, foundation and corporate grants and proposals, (2) providing support for business development and marketing of Architecture for Humanity's programs, and (3) providing support for research, proposal writing and business development activities across the organization.

The New Business Development Coordinator will be responsible for a wide range of tasks including:
• Provide significant support to multiple Architecture for Humanity programs in researching, developing, coordinating and writing critical proposals for government, foundation and corporate funding sources.

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CurbedWire: HFN's "Dream Room" on Pinterest; a Real Housewife Lists

Photo: Harris Graber/Curbed National Flickr pool THE INTERNET—On May 15, HFN will launch a Pinterest-based competition in which users can pin their "dream room" for a chance to win $5,000. House Beautiful editor in chief Newell Turner, designer and HGTV personality Vern Yip, HSN host Marlo Smith, and others will judge. [CurbedWire Inbox] AMAGANSETT, N.Y.—Fashion photographer Don Ashby has sold his modern beach house. The sale price is still unknown, but Ashby had most recently been asking $3.995M.

HTA gets go-ahead for Wembley student housing

Scheme uses a prefabricated system developed by the practice