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Mausoleum of the Giants: Monumental Sculptures by Street Artist Phlegm

[ By SA Rogers in Art & Sculpture & Craft. ]

Enormous creatures crouch in a historic building in Sheffield, England, as street artist Phlegm brings the signature style he developed through years of illustrating black and white comics into three dimensions. “Mausoleum of the Giants” is a large-scale sculptural installation featuring many of the same characters Phlegm has brought to life in other mediums, including murals all over the world.

Frog Castle / Scott Donald Architecture

© Daniel Hopkinson © Daniel Hopkinson

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Making Marks

Making Marks: Architects' Sketchbook - The Creative Process
Will Jones
Thames & Hudson, March 2019

Hardcover | 12 x 9 inches | 320 pages | 900+ illustrations | English | ISBN: 978-0500021316 | $50.00

Publisher Description:
Making Marks follows up on the highly successful Architects’ Sketchbooks, which presented, for the first time, the rich breadth of sketches being created by contemporary architects following the digital revolution. Taking a post-digital perspective, the sixty renowned architects whose work is collected here show how drawing and new forms of manual presentation have been refined since the reawakening of this basic technique. Notepads, stacks of paper, pencils and fine-point pens are as present in the architect’s studio as phalanxes of screens. Revealing why and how hand-drawing still matters, this global survey presents the freehand drawings, vibrant watercolours and abstract impressions of rising talents and well-known names, including Jun Igarashi and Brian MacKay-Lyons. Will Jones’s introduction reviews the importance of the physical sketch and its vital part in the architect’s creative process.

How much energy are your appliances and devices using in standby mode?

As energy costs rise, we’re all on a quest to reduce our bills: by shopping around to find cheap energy deals, by reducing our gas and electricity consumption. But even as we assiduously compare energy deals and hopscotch from one tariff to another, as we dial down the temperature on our thermostats and huddle under high tog duvets, invest in cavity wall insulation and a drying rack, we may be unknowingly throwing kilowatts, and pounds and pence, of electricity simply by leaving our appliances and devices plugged in and in standby mode when they’re not in use.

Research from MoneySuperMarket found that Britons are spending an extra £86 a year in electricity by leaving our tech on standby. The Energy Savings Trust confirmed this research, saying households are wasting between £45 and £80 a year, or £1.7 billion collectively, by leaving our appliances in standby all the time.

However, apparently nearly half of us don’t think that being vigilant about turning off appliances is worth the savings. A quarter said turning off or unplugging appliances and gadgets would take too much time.

The 83 Best New Buildings in London Shortlisted by the RIBA

Coal Drop Yards. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu Coal Drop Yards. Image © Laurian Ghinitoiu

Since 1996, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has hosted awards for exemplary buildings across the UK by RIBA Chartered Architects and RIBA International Fellows. This year, 83 projects have been shortlisted for the RIBA London Awards from a list of 200 entrants.

Each project will be visited by one of five London juries during the month of April. Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on May 15th at the RIBA headquarters at 66 Portland Place, London. News of the shortlist follows on from similar selections by RIBA South West, RIBA East, and RIBA North East.

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24 Projects Shortlisted in 2019 RIBA East Awards

Kintyre, nr St Albans, by Tate Harmer. Image© Kilian O'Sullivan Kintyre, nr St Albans, by Tate Harmer. Image© Kilian O'Sullivan

As part of the RIBA annual Regional Awards programme, 23 architectural works and one masterplan have been shortlisted for the RIBA East awards. These projects cover a range of types, from homes to schools to follies, and represent some of the finest work produced in Britain in the last year.

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Sir Terry Farrell Speaks to Monocle on Design About His Six Decade Career in Architecture

Sir Terry Farrell's SIS Building at Vauxhall Cross Sir Terry Farrell's SIS Building at Vauxhall Cross

Sir Terry Farrell to speak about his long and varied career in architecture. Farrell, who is known for his exuberantly postmodern works in Britain, tells of how he became interested in architecture, the role architects will play in our rapidly urbanizing world, and speaking openly about our cities. 

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The Signal House / Fraher Architects

© Adam Scott © Adam Scott

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The Royal College of Pathologists / Bennetts Associates

© Peter Cook © Peter Cook

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