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Tri-Tessellate / AKDA

Courtesy of AKDA Courtesy of AKDA
  • Architects: AKDA
  • Location: Hosiery Complex Block B Rd, Hosiery Complex, Block B, Noida Phase-2, Phase-2, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201305, India
  • Lead Architect: Amit Khanna
  • Project Architect: Daud Malik
  • Area: 2350.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
Courtesy of AKDA Courtesy of AKDA

Tessellate (verb) “tocover (a plane surface) by repeated use of a single shape, without gaps or overlapping.”

Rainbow Gateway – Digital Fabrication / Tonkin Liu

Once known for its mills, the UK town of Burnley has developed into a regional center for engineering and advanced manufacturing. As a way of acknowledging the town’s pioneering role in the practice of measuring rainfall, architects at Tonkin Liu have designed an installation that embodies two of its major climatic forces. Entering into a dialogue with the elements is often expressed in the Studio’s work through the creation of a sensory output.

Design With Fire

Call for Entries: Design with Fire 2012

The Fireplace Specialist is pleased to announce the inaugural Design with Fire Competition for the 2012 IIDEX/Neocon Canada Conference and Exhibition. The Design with Fire Competition is seeking designers from multiple design disciplines to submit ideas for stunning new fireplace creations.

3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition

JA+U: 3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition © Shinkenchiku-sha

The LIXIL* International University Architectural Competition is an international design competition for university research laboratories. Every year, universities from around the world are invited to participate in this site-specific competition. The site is Memu Meadows in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, which is composed of experimental sustainable projects including MÊME by architect Kengo Kuma. In its third year, the competition – themed “Retreat in Nature” – calls for innovative solutions for sustainable architecture. The team with winning scheme is invited to construct the project on the site. The competition has already started for this year and will meet the deadline in late March.

*LIXIL Corporation is Japan’s leading building materials and housing equipment manufacturing and sales company.

We’d like to share the discussion on the competition by this year’s jurors – Kengo Kuma, Tomonari Yashiro, and Darko Radovic – as well as last year’s juror Momoyo Kaijima which was held at Memu Meadows in November, 2012.

JA+U: 3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition © Shinkenchiku-sha

Thinking about a new kind of well-being

— First, tell us something about the vision of this competition and what the jury would like to see in the proposals.

Made Here: Brooklyn's Navy Yard is Home to a Manufacturing Revival

The Brooklyn Navy Yard, once a hulking emblem of American industrial might, is showing the way to a revival of urban manufacturing.

Development Programme Focus on Farming and Construction Materials

ANGOP (Luanda)-Agriculture, cattle breeding, fisheries, manufacturing industry and productive support services top the priorities of the Development Pprogramme of Micro, Small and Middle Companies (MPME), to starts its implementation in 2012.

New Stamp Designer Collection Exclusively Online across Europe

British design and manufacturing company, Tom Dixon launches a new designer collection of the digital industrial revolution exclusively available for the first time to purchase across Europe. Stamp collection is an unconventional way to illuminate your interiors which includes two candle holder and a pendant lamp, all displaying an interesting industrial look.

Taming concrete - A design report from Montreuil Juigné by Loredana Mascheroni

The launch of three pieces in the new Concrete Collection represents the second stage in a global project undertaken by Matali Crasset with a small French company to bring concrete into the home. Might it be the first phase in a manufacturing revolution?