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Designing and Building a Pavilion: Part I

Yale Building Project 1983 The Yale ‘Assembly’ Pavilion is the younger, smaller, more carefree sister to Yale’s Building Project – the 40-year old tradition in which first-year students design and build a house.

Stackable ModCubes Make Building Lets Your Build Furniture in a Snap

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What’s the problem with furniture today? You buy it for a purpose such as a bed or a wardrobe, and when it’s outlived it’s usefulness, you simply throw it away! Massachusetts-based design and manufacturing company ModRoomz is planning to change all that with their innovative ModCubes contemporary modular furniture, which lets you “snap” together modules to create everything from dressers to a lofted bed. Check out their IndieGoGo campaign here for more details. This smart design is sure to change the way you view furniture!

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JA+U: BARN HOUSE by co+labo Radovic @ Keio University. co+labo © Shinkenchiku-sha

The LIXIL* International University Architectural Competition – hosted by LIXIL JS Foundation – is a design competition for university research laboratories. In its third year, 2013’s competition – themed  “Retreat in Nature” – is under way with participants from 12 universities from 11 countries and will end in late March. 2012’s winner was co+labo Radovic of Keio University who designed a house for horses and people to cohabit which has been constructed in Memu Meadows in Taiki-cho, Hokkaido. This compact (66 m2), experimental dwelling aims to supply half of the necessary electricity for the house by fermentation of horses’ manure.

*LIXIL Corporation is Japan’s leading building materials and housing equipment manufacturing and sales company.

Following is a text by the architect which was also introduced in the February 2013 issue of a+u.

JA+U: BARN HOUSE by co+labo Radovic @ Keio University. co+labo © Shinkenchiku-sha

Development Programme Focus on Farming and Construction Materials

ANGOP (Luanda)-Agriculture, cattle breeding, fisheries, manufacturing industry and productive support services top the priorities of the Development Pprogramme of Micro, Small and Middle Companies (MPME), to starts its implementation in 2012.

“The Future Is Here: A New Industrial Revolution” Coming to London’s Design Museum

This summer, the Design Museum in London will be offering a glimpse into the future of fabrication and manufacturing with The Future Is Here: A New Industrial Revolution, a major new exhibition about the sweeping changes in manufacturing that are transforming our world.

The exhibition, which opens July 24, is a collaboration between the Design Museum and the UK’s innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board. Exhibition design is done by dRMM and exhibition graphics by LucienneRoberts+.

The Tools That Make It Happen: Pratt Institute – Industrial Design

We feature a ton of student work here on Design Milk from submissions to discoveries while scouting the trade show floor. We’re huge supporters of what students are doing — they’re the future of design. However, we have little opportunity to go behind the scenes and see how these young designers are learning and what tools they’re using in the design education process.

Ventura by Jean-Marie Massaud

A clean line and an acute attention to material selection and manufacturing has produced a superior collection from Poliform