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Las Perdices Social Housing / Gubbins Arquitectos, Polidura + Talhouk Arquitectos

© Aryeh Kornfeld © Aryeh Kornfeld
  • Collaborators: José Miranda, Alejandro Inostroza, Esteban Estay, Hernán Fournies, Juan Pablo Duarte, Angélica Gonzales, Christian Pizarro, Bruno Giliberto, Andres Briones, Loraine Smith, Pablo Montecinos
  • Client: Ilustre Municipalidad De La Reina, Comité de Allegados de la Reina y Comité de Allegados de la Reina II
  • Constructor: Constructora Serinco
  • Structural Calculation: Mauricio Abella
  • Site Area: 18.914 m2
  • Apartment Area: 59 m2

Puerto de Palos House / jfs arquitecto

© Maria Gonzalez © Maria Gonzalez
  • Architects: jfs arquitecto
  • Location: Las Condes, Chile
  • Architect In Charge: Javier Fuenzalida Salazar
  • Construction And Structural Calculation: Bas ingeniería y construcción spa
  • Area: 2475.7 ft2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Maria Gonzalez
© Maria Gonzalez © Maria Gonzalez

Text description provided by the architects. This project is conceived as the refurbishment of a 1959 family house located in a traditional borough of this commune. The house was in good conditions and in its original state. Therefore, decisions that contributed to honor the house's history were made, both for its volume and the reuse of some of the materials.

11 Architecture Biennials to Pay Attention to in 2019

Venice captured all architects' hearts and minds last year, but 2019 —a Venice-less year— will be still a year full of biennials and festivals around the world (many of which we're proud to be official partners of). The excitement is already building. 

From Chicago's new approaches to the traditional practices to Shenzhen's future technology prospect; from Oslo's degrowth agenda to Brazil's focus on everyday architecture, it's time to start saving dates for the following biennials around the world!

China: Bi-City Shenzhen Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture (2019 UABB)
Late 2019 — (Boreal) Spring 2020

How to Design Smart Homes: 8 Tips for Incorporating Domotics Into Architecture

Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA. Image © Juergen Eheim Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA. Image © Juergen Eheim

Home automation has long been associated with high costs, a burdening assembly time, and a cumbersome process that impelled us to discard the idea of automating projects. However, these days are long gone. 

With lower costs and easier assembly, today, developing a new project without home automation seems somewhat absurd. Below, with the help of AVE Chile, we've compiled a series of tips to help you incorporate domotics into your next project.

1. Experiencing home automation is key to convincing the client

The vast majority of people who have ever inhabited an automated space will hardly feel comfortable returning to traditional systems. To convince a new client, it's key that they can experience in situ the benefits of home automation: test the different options of a control panel, manage the environmental conditions of a space, change the intensity and color of the light, adjust the temperature, and/or interact with the different types of switches and their sensors.

Pabellón Rojo / Sarovic Plaut Arquitectos

© Leonardo Finotti © Leonardo Finotti
  • Architects: Sarovic Plaut Arquitectos
  • Location: Bicentenario Park - Bicentenario 3236, Vitacura, Metropolitan Region, Chile
  • Project Architect: Marcelo Sarovic, Jeannette Plaut
  • Collaborating Architect: Vladimir Arredondo
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Leonardo Finotti
© Leonardo Finotti © Leonardo Finotti

Text description provided by the architects. In the way of a Folie, as a reference structure of the Bicentenario Park in Santiago de Chile, the project is a temporary pavilion, the access to a fair located in one of the most prominent parks in Santiago that runs along the Mapocho River.

Casa Panguipulli / ABESTUDIO

© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh
  • Architects: ABestudio
  • Location: Puyumen, Chile
  • Author Architects: Javier Alcalde Bazán y Sebastián Browne Urrejola
  • Construction: Rubén Paredes
  • Area: 136.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Nico Saieh
© Nico Saieh © Nico Saieh

Text description provided by the architects. This house is located in the Puyumén peninsula on Lake Panguipulli, Panguipulli county, Los Ríos Region, Chile. It is located on a flat and vast land, dominating distant views in all its orientations towards the surrounding paddocks, the lake and the volcanic environment.

The Graduation Projects Nominated for the Archiprix International 2019

Courtesy of Archiprix International Courtesy of Archiprix International

As an initiative of the Archiprix Foundation, Archiprix International 2019 recently invited all schools worldwide in Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture to select and submit their best graduation project. "This graduation work presents a wealth of ideas for a broad range of contemporary and future challenges", explains the organization on its website.

After analyzing all the submissions sent by universities from more than 100 countries, the jury —Francisco Díaz, Rosetta Elkin, Marta Moreira, Martino Tattara, and Sam Jacoby— nominated 22 projects for the awards in a special session held in Santiago, Chile. The winners of the awards will be announced at the Award ceremony on May the 3rd 2019 in the same city.

The complete list (in alphabetical order) of the projects nominated for the awards, below:

185 En-Counters

Gym JMG / Gerardo Valle Arquitectos

© Aryeh Kornfeld © Aryeh Kornfeld
  • Design Team: Gerardo Valle P.
  • Construction Structure: Constructora M&A
  • Fabric Construction: TecnoSport
  • Structural Calculation: Delfín Muñoz
© Aryeh Kornfeld © Aryeh Kornfeld

Text description provided by the architects. The project is a Gym-tent, a structure that serves as a great space for children to practice sports and other educational activities.

Huanchaca Ruins Open Air Theatre / Ramón Coz, Marco Polidura, Benjamín Ortiz, Sebastián Alvarez

© Sergio Pirrone © Sergio Pirrone

Suburban House II / Amunátegui Valdés Architects

Cortesía de Amunátegui Valdés Cortesía de Amunátegui Valdés
  • Architects: Amunátegui Valdés Architects
  • Location: Curicó, Chile
  • Author Architects: Alejandro Valdés, Cristobal Amunátegui
  • Design Team: François Jullien, Sebastián Zarhi, Agustina Labarca
  • Area: 365.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2014