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Carlo Ratti Reveals Design for the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020

© Carlo Ratti Associati © Carlo Ratti Associati

Carlo Ratti Associati has published details of their competition-winning design for the Italian Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020, designed in collaboration with Italo Rota, Matteo Gatto, and F&M Ingegneria. Inspired by Dubai’s marine tradition, the pavilion’s construction sequence will see three boats arrive in Dubai by sea, before being raised and turned upside down to become the roof of the pavilion.

Titled “Sailing Beauty,” the pavilion seeks to explore new ways in which “beauty connects people,” embodying the theme of Italy’s participation in Dubai Expo 2020. The pavilion also pays tribute to the long history of explorers throughout the centuries who “sailed the seas and wove together a shared Mediterranean cultural heritage.”

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Studio Fuksas Designs Vertical Park for Monaco Waterfront

Fontvieille Vertical Park. Image Courtesy of Studio Fuksas Fontvieille Vertical Park. Image Courtesy of Studio Fuksas

Studio Fuksas has won the competition to revitalize the Fontvieille site along the port of Monaco, France. The project is designed to provides answers to major commercial, urban, architectural and ecological issues. The idea draws inspiration from the water and the green slopes of the Mediterranean hills. The new project aims to create a vertical park that links the city to the sea.

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Pedro Domingos

Pedro Domingos
CASA AGOSTOS II . Santa Bárbara-de-Nexe Pedro Domingos The house is located in the wills of Faro, facing the valley of Agostos. An interior place protected from the coast. A landscape based on the mediterranean tradition, structured by small plots delimited by stone walls, trees, water tanks and small constructions. The house is implanted in … Continue reading Pedro Domingos

Kambra / Lucija Penko + Medprostor d.o.o.

© Janez Marolt © Janez Marolt
  • Structure: Franc Pezdirc s.p.
  • Electrical: Elektro Komunikacije Janez Mežnar s.p.
  • Mechanical: Instalacije Aleš Abram s.p.
  • Landcaping: Matevž Kopitar
  • Main Contractor: Štolfa, gradbeno podjetje d.o.o.
  • Ironmongery: Ključavničarstvo Marjan Golob s.p.
  • Joinery: Piskar Henrik s.p.
  • Landscaping: Propepa d.o.o.

"Architecture Will Change Completely in the Next Ten Years": Fran Silvestre of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

House on the Cliff / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Image © Diego Opazo House on the Cliff / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos. Image © Diego Opazo

Spanish architect Fran Silvestre is well known for his portfolio of nuanced, clean, and decidedly modern works. Each project is as stunning as the next, the type of home that shows up in Bond films and populates the Pinterest boards of aspiring homeowners.

Silvestre began his architectural career in earnest at the office of Alvaro Siza, an experience he cites as the foundation of his approach. "It was an incredible time, I learned all about architecture there," explains Silvestre. "I was impressed by his style of work....for me, he is a genius." Silvestre left Siza's office in the early 2000s to open his own practice, which itself took off in 2005.

Amanzoe Luxury Hotel & Villas / Edward Tuttle | Designrealization

© Pygmalion Karatzas © Pygmalion Karatzas
  • Mechanical Engineer: LDK
  • Structural Engineer: KION
  • Lighting Engineer: FOSS
  • Construction: Domotechniki
  • Collaborators: Denniston International Architects & Planners Ltd
  • Associates: Tsoulos & Associates / architect Konstantinos Gregoriadis
  • Design Date: 2008 - 2010
  • Completion Year, Phase One (Main Hotel Facilities & Pavilions): 2012

Hotel in Coimbra / depA

© José Campos © José Campos
  • Architects: depA
  • Location: Alta de Coimbra, Portugal
  • Authors: Carlos Azevedo, João Crisóstomo, Luís Sobral, Miguel Santos, Sara Pontes, Margarida Leitão
  • Engeneering: CPX, Ncrep, Mse
  • Consultant: Financertus
  • Area: 23680.6 ft2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: José Campos
© José Campos © José Campos

Text description provided by the architects. The three pre-existing buildings around a mediterranean courtyard are located Coimbra, in the city’s UNESCO World Heritage Protection Zone.

Breeze House / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

© Diego Opazo © Diego Opazo
  • Interior Design: Alfaro Hofmann
  • Collaborators: María Masià, Estefanía Soriano, Pablo Camarasa, Sandra Insa, Santi Dueña, Ricardo Candela, David Sastre, Sevak Asatrián, Álvaro Olivares, Eduardo Sancho, Esther Sanchis, Vicente Picó, Ruben March, Jose Manuel Arnao, Rosa Juanes, Gemma Aparicio, Giuseppe Felici, Luiz Eduardo Lupatini, Silvia Bonet, Carmela Martí
  • Structure: Josep Ramon Solé | Windmill
  • Quantity Surveyor: Carlos Garcia
  • Builder: Construcciones Hugo Pérez

Casa Moreira / César Machado Moreira

© José Campos © José Campos
  • Engineering: 2MP
  • Contractor: Weplan
© José Campos © José Campos

Text description provided by the architects. Located on a site facing a narrow street characterized by small houses from different times, the building is a house in the classic sense. The plan is a square with 12x12m. The volumetry of the building was defined by regulatory impositions.

Into the Forest / Openfabric

© Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian © Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian
© Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian © Jacopo Gennari Feslikenian

Text description provided by the architects. Openfabric has been selected to design the public spaces of Mantova city center in occasion of the first World Forum on Urban Forest (WFUF 2018) by FAO. The aim of the design is to engage with the two different levels of the forum: the academic one and the broad public. The project wants to critically represent a number of forest typologies rising both awareness on the importance of nature in urban environments and on the dramatic effects of climate change.