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Apple is Building a $1 Billion Campus in Austin, Texas

Apple opened its Foster + Partners-designed campus in California in 2017. Image © Foster + Partners, ARUP, Kier + Wright, Apple Apple opened its Foster + Partners-designed campus in California in 2017. Image © Foster + Partners, ARUP, Kier + Wright, Apple

Tech giant Apple has announced plans to build a $1 billion campus in Austin Texas, along with smaller facilities in Seattle, San Diego, and Culver City. The Austin plans, images of which have not been released, will see the creation of at least 5,000 jobs in the Southwestern city as house prices in the San Francisco Bay area begin to discourage creatives from Silicon Valley.

Apple had announced plans for a second U.S. headquarters at the beginning of the year, as part of a $30 billion investment strategy. In 2017, it opened the Foster + Partners-designed Apple Park, pictured above.

Architects and the New iPadPro: Should You Buy One?

Max Mekhovnikov, The Walls Technology. Moscow, Russia. @thewallstechnology. Image via Morpholio Max Mekhovnikov, The Walls Technology. Moscow, Russia. @thewallstechnology. Image via Morpholio

Can tablets help architects better conceive and execute their designs? If you’re skeptical, you’re not alone. To a certain extent, architects are still unsure if meaningful work can be created on an iPad. As the novel of virtual reality wears off, it’s worth asking if portable augmented reality is the push forward that will combine the best of traditional and digital architectural technology. So beyond their utility as lightweight, untethered screens, what can tablets offer the professional architect?

The iPad is an endless clean slate that appeals to creatives’ desires to sketch or illustrate in a way befitting of our time. Until 2015, with the launch of the first Apple pencil, users of Apple’s products could employ a third-party stylus but the inaccuracy and discomfort of these tools proved hopeless as practical or useful architectural drawing implements. As a result, there was no industry-wide surge in the adoption or demand of iPads for architects.

The ArchDaily 2018 Gift Guide

© Cinqpoints © Cinqpoints

The holiday season may be one of joy, but there's always a little panic involved as well. You want to treat your loved ones to a gift they'll treasure and appreciate, but where to start?

Readers, ArchDaily has you covered. This year we've separated our choices in sections to help you find that perfect gift for the picky (budding) architect in your life. Our choices - and links to where you can find them - after the break: 

For the Traveler: 

City Guides / CITIx60

© Viction:ary © Viction:ary

Price: $11.95

These fantastic city guides are as beautiful as they are informative. Perfect for the traveling architect, the small books uncover the best cultural and architectural spots in a city. With an expanded list of cities and new places to discover, this is an ideal gift for the designer on the move.

3D Architecture Models

6 Best Places to Find the Best Discounts on Luxury Watches

Buying a watch that could cost you as much as a car or a house requires careful calculations. It is a wild world out there and the watch market isn’t an exception.

The good news is that there are still places you can buy a watch without breaking the bank. As with any purchase, if you’re considering dropping your money on a luxury watch, you’d likely consider comparing prices across different platforms. Make sure to search for promotional codes of your favorite shops to save some money on your purchase.

But where will you find luxury watches at discounted prices?  Well, here 7 places you can try out:

  1. Fyvor

Fyvor is an epical place to shop online. You’ll find most of the world’s top brand luxury watches here. However, you won’t pay as you would in a high-end store.  They’ve got a constant update of offers, which ensures that you enjoy full-scale online deals. You can also apply for promo codes or get special offers. Even more, if you follow their promotion codes, you can save up to $11550 when buying luxury watches.

Morpholio Trace and Shapr3D Create "Drag'n'Fly" to Streamline Sketching and Modeling

Morpholio Trace and Shapr3D have joined forces to imagine a new workflow for iOS 12. Their new feature named “Drag’n’Fly” allows users to “literally put a live 3D model into their Trace sketches, create infinite views and then, automatically generate the perspective grids to draw over.”

Designed for the iPad Pro, Drag’n’Fly seeks to streamline the existing process of architects exporting one view at a time to sketch over. The new feature offers an infinite number of views to draw over, allowing designers to navigate around a 3D model from sketch to sketch to create a narrative, or zoom in on spatial details.

The iPad Pro has now become as powerful as our computers and has made it effortless to work between apps. This opened up the gateway for Shapr3D and Morpholio Trace to rethink the design workflow, finally fusing together sketching and 3D modelling.
- Anna Kenoff, Co-Founder, Morpholio

Drawing Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Apple Pencil

Courtesy of Morpholio Trace Courtesy of Morpholio Trace

Want to get the most of your Apple Pencil in Trace? Today, Rome Prize winner Javier Galindo, is going to show you a few features that will make your Trace drawings sing.

“Forget anything you thought you knew about previous styluses. Draw with the Apple Pencil as you would with any pencil and the rest will come naturally.” -Javier Galindo

1. Pressure

Want a line to be bolder or darker? Simply press down and watch the lightness of the line change. Make your line look heavy or faint. Perfect for expressing depth in your drawing.

Running a Practice from the Road: Tips from a Digital Nomad

© Dan Farrar © Dan Farrar

This article was originally published on Archipreneur by architect Chris Barnes who, with his wife Bonnie Robin, runs the practice Field Office Architecture. 

There aren’t many architects I know who do not love to travel, and I’ve always felt the two things are intrinsically linked. Maybe it’s our constant quest for visual inspiration and new ideas, or perhaps our fascination for how people live their lives and how wildly that varies from border to border, and the impact that has on our physical environments.

Either way, in the age of Instagram and unavoidable envy at the seemingly constant stream of images of laptops by the beach, cocktail in hand my wife and business partner Bonnie Robin, and I were keen to try this thing called digital nomadism for ourselves.

The Best Architectural iPhone Photos of 2018 Revealed by IPPAWARDS

First Prize: Photography by Massimo Graziani, Italy. Image Courtesy of IPPAWARDS First Prize: Photography by Massimo Graziani, Italy. Image Courtesy of IPPAWARDS

The iPhone Photography Awards (IPPAWARDS) has announced the winners of the 2018 edition of the annual competition. Founded in 2007, the same year as the release of the first iPhone, IPPAWARDS is the first and longest running iPhone photography competition. Now in its 11th year, the awards continue to select the best images taken by iPhone, iPad or iPod touch from a variety of categories including Landscape, Animals, People, Still Life and Architecture.

This year’s architecture category was won by Massimo Graziani from Italy for a shot “Rampage,” taken at the Via Allegri in Rome. Second prize was awarded to KuangLong Zhang from China with an image of one of the oldest mosques in Iran, while third prize went to Nasra Al Sharji from Oman with an early-morning shot of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.