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Should You Hire A Property Management Company or DIY? Here’s What To Consider

Renting your property in the hot market of San Diego can be an excellent way to get some extra income. But, maximizing the return on your investment could come with some unforeseen headaches.

To make the most of your investment in the lucrative Southern California rental industry, you’ll need to make sure everything runs smoothly — from advertising and leasing to move out inspections.

A common question property owners have at this point is whether to do these things alone or to hire a property management company. The answer depends on your individual circumstances.

For instance, if you own a single property nearby, it probably makes more sense to take care of it yourself. If you own an apartment community in a different state, hiring a property management company could be a better bet.

When deciding between hiring a property management company or becoming a self-managed landlord, here are some factors to consider:

Breadcrumb: Complexity And Curation – Intricacy And The Individual

Breadcrumb, California, Complexity and Curation, Eric Owen Moss, Intricacy and the individual, Los Angeles, Ryan Tyler Martinez, Sci-arc, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Ryan Tyler Martinez, Rubens, Baroque

Breadcrumb is the title of master thesis by Ryan Tyler Martinez, done at SCI-Arc – Southern California Institute of Architecture, and it mostly deals with Complexity and Curation, Intricacy and the individual. The project asks a question – what are the subjectivities that are in the world that architecture hasn’t already found a place for? And the possible answer to that question is personal data of individuals.

This family produces 6,000 pounds of food per year on 4,000 square feet of land

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Six thousand pounds of food from one tenth of an acre of land just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles; if you try to do the math, it just doesn’t seem to compute. But somehow the numbers work out because the Dervaes family is able to produce about 4,300 pounds of vegetables, 900 chicken and 1,000 duck eggs, 25 pounds of honey, and further poundage of seasonal fruits on their 4,000 square-foot postage stamp of land just outside the southern California’s sprawling megalopolis. Beyond providing food for themselves, the family makes about $20,000 per year by selling their produce from their front porch.

family produces 6000 pounds of food, growing food on .1 acre of land, high yield urban farming, los angeles permaculture, local food in los angeles, urban gardening, locavore movement

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Books: Honest Ed

By Michael Webb

Various Small Books: Referencing Various Small Books by Ed Ruscha. Phil Taylor. (The MIT Press, $39.95); Ed Ruscha’s Los Angeles. Alexandra Schwartz (The MIT Press, $29.95); Ed Ruscha and Some Los Angeles Apartments. Virginia Heckert (J. Paul Getty Museum, $24.95).

David Hockney defined the light and color of southern California, as Matisse did for the Côte d’Azure, but Ed Ruscha is the quintessential LA artist. Like most keen observers of the local scene, Ruscha is an immigrant (from Nebraska and Oklahoma) who drove to LA in 1956 and stayed on. In those six decades he has addressed the urban landscape, and created iconic images of the Hollywood sign, the 20th Century Fox logo, gas stations, commercial strips, and the geometry of city boulevards. The man and his art are perfectly matched: laconic, deadpan, infused with irony. The simplicity of his paintings and prints is deceptive; Ruscha is a true original and a master of his craft.

Architecture Distortion Simulation of Gravity

SOFI is thesis project done by Danny Karas, at SCI-Arc – Southern California Institute of Architecture, dealing with issues of modern skyscrapers. In analysis of the modern tower there is traditionally an aesthetic agenda that localizes itself in a “shoes” or “hat” location. The tower typology has ignored the possibility of a center distortion. This distortion acts as an aesthetic element as well as an organizational-programmatic locator. By designing from the middle out there is a chance for the building to better blend with its context by keeping the processional elements in the center. Entrance and roof conditions mimic their tower surroundings and give a moments rest in the exuberance of design. This proposal creates a center distortion and layers form through a simulation of gravity. The skin is designed to be perceived as more of a lacy volume hiding the inner-mass yet in the right light disappearing and letting the inner monster emerge. The inner void acts as a way of creating a Secretary oriented office program rather than a traditional first floor security, freeing up the center of the building to the public. The project looks to rationalize itself through components rather than a monolithic form. By focusing on the parts to whole relationship the project adapted to the concept of build-ability in its panel size and something as banal as the curvature limits of steel. These elements of design while “unsexy” add up to a rational that helps the brain rationalize the digital grotesque of SCI-Arc into something more place-able. This project is a statement of the speed and quality that digital design can create and how this revolution of speed can give the architect a greater chance to impact that project outside of pure form making. Architect’s can now impact design into the later stages sooner and potentially prevent some value engineering and hopefully stop the slow erasure of architects in building.    

Precise Inaccuracy: ArchitectScripta Maya-Grasshopper Workshops July 2016 in Athens, Greece

ArchitectScripta is organizing two Workshops in July 2016 in Athens, Greece taught by Nefeli Chatzimina [Lecturer at the University of Southern California,PhD Candidate NTUA] and Justin Brecthel [Adjunct Lecturer at University of Southern California,UCLA,LEED], both Alumni Graduates of Columbia University NYC [GSAPP, AAD], with Nikos Papavasileiou [ArchitectScripta Project Architect]. ArchitectScripta Workshops refer to Students of Architecture and Art, Professional Architects, Designers and Artists.

1) Workshop I from 27th of June until the 7th of July 2016 Workshop I, hosted by the Benaki Museum, under the auspices of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and the Athens School of Fine Arts.

2) Workshop II from 11th of July until the 21st of July 2016 Workshop II, hosted by the Benaki Museum, under the auspices of the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and the Athens School of Fine Arts.

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On the Market: Santa Monica's Famed Party House 'of Rock' Lists for $22M

Click here to view the full photogallery. Here's the abridged story behind Santa Monica's now-notorious 'House of Rock': designer buys mansion, designer flips said mansion with the help of some high-profile design buddies, everybody and their mother parties like it's 1999 and gets the house plastered all over the social pages of the Los Angeles Times, and finally, said designer pushes it all onto the market with a lofty eight-figure price tag.

The ‘Fire Tracker’ Online Tool Monitors Yosemite Rim Fire Damage

rim fire, wildfire, blaze, yosemite, california, firefighters, kpcc, fire tracker tool

Thousands of firefighters have descended upon the “Rim Fire” blazing in Yosemite National Park. A new online tool launched by Southern California radio station KPCC allows visitors to monitor the progress of the inferno and those struggling to contain the disaster. The site also keeps track of structures threatened, damaged, and the total number of injuries. Statistics on recent fires are available for comparison, and conditions and road closures are updated regularly. The massive fire has already burned an area the size of Chicago, consuming over 160,000 acres at time of press.