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Spiritan Museum of African Arts / NeM / Niney et Marca architectes

© Cyril Weiner © Cyril Weiner
  • Architects: NeM / Niney et Marca architectes
  • Location: 26400 Allex, France
  • Lead Architects: NeM / Niney et Marca architectes, Gernay Architecture
  • Scientific Expertise: Nicolas Rolland
  • Area: 350.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Cyril Weiner
© Cyril Weiner © Cyril Weiner

Spiritanian collections are an exceptional testimony to the life, traditions, art and beliefs of the people of Central Africa in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Celebrating Oscar Niemeyer and His Masterworks Through a Photographic Lens

© Danica O. Kus © Danica O. Kus

To honor renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s birthday (December 15, 1907), Slovenian photographer Danica Kus published a series of black and white photographs highlighting Niemeyer’s surviving architecture. The architect, who passed in 2012 at the age of 104, is considered one of the greatest modernist architects of the 20th century.

Kus’ photographs accentuate the hyperbolic curves characteristic of Niemeyer’s design, while also highlighting the geometric harmony of rectilinear elements. In an exclusive interview with ArchDaily before his death, Mr. Niemeyer described his personal definition of architecture: “In my opinion, architecture is invention. And under this prism is how I do my projects, always searching for beautiful, expressive, different and surprising solutions.” This photo series encompasses the subtleties of Niemeyer’s premier works and spans his career.

Itamaraty Palace, Brazil

Reconstructed Past / MABIRE REICH Architectes

© Guillaume Satre © Guillaume Satre
  • Engineers: Otéis
  • Acoustics: Acoustibel
  • Companies: CHARIER TP, terrassements voiries réseaux divers. JOUSSELIN, maçonnerie. GALLARD, charpente métallique. SOGEA ATLANTIQUE, serrurerie-métallerie. SOPREMA, couverture, bardage acier, étanchéité. SECOM’ALU, menuiseries métalliques. PINARD, cloisons sèches-isolation. PLAFISOL, plafonds suspendus. DUPRE, menuiseries intérieures. ROLLAND, bardage bois. MARIOTTE, revêtements de sols-faïences. VOLUMES ET COULEURS, ravalements de façades, peinture. MONNIER SARL, plomberie, chauffage, ventilation. POSSEME, paillasses enseignement. S3A, électricité CFO/CFA

La Cartoucherie | Parcel 1.3 / Taillandier Architectes Associés

© Roland Halbe © Roland Halbe
  • Clients: Bouygues Immobiler (« L’Empreinte » & « L’Eclat ») – CARLE Promotion (« MSA Headquarters »)
© Roland Halbe © Roland Halbe

Text description provided by the architects. The overall project consists of the construction of two office buildings and a multifamily residential building on parcel 1.3 of the newly developed “La Cartoucherie” eco-district in Toulouse, France.

Le Splendid / BAL

© Fabio Semeraro © Fabio Semeraro
  • Architects: BAL
  • Location: Dax, France
  • Lead Architects: BAL/KAPZUL
  • Area: 12800.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Fabio Semeraro

Social Housing in Paris / Bigoni Mortemard

Courtesy of Bigoni Mortemard Courtesy of Bigoni Mortemard
  • Architects: Bigoni Mortemard
  • Location: Immeuble Paris Habitat, 155bis Rue Cardinet, 75017 Paris, France
  • Lead Architects: Stéphane BIGONI & Antoine MORTEMARD, architecture and landscape
  • Area: 3679.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Joachim Bakary, Jean-Marc Bichat

When Infrastructure Costs More Than Money: History’s Deadliest Projects

[ By SA Rogers in Culture & History & Travel. ]

Construction is a deadly industry. Falls, electrocution, blunt force trauma and mishaps with heavy machinery are just a few of the hazards workers face on project sites around the world, whether they’re building a small house or a massive dam. Historically, it hasn’t just been the nature of the work that makes this job so dangerous, but also attempts to cut costs and boost productivity at the expense of worker safety. Though tighter regulations have made mass worker deaths less common, they still happen, and the numbers can still be shocking.

When we calculate the costs for major infrastructure projects, we rarely include human lives in the figures. How do we do that math, anyway? Bridges, canals, tunnels, dams, railways and highways have made a lot of human “progress” possible over the last two centuries, but it’s worthwhile to consider their true toll – and remember that many of the dead were migrant workers, colonized people and prisoners.

Ecole Communale Jacqueline de Romilly / Stéphane Fernandez - SARL atelier fernandez&serres

© Stéphane Aboudaram / WE ARE CONTENT(S) © Stéphane Aboudaram / WE ARE CONTENT(S)

l’Étoile, Scène de Mouvaux / atelier d'architecture King Kong

© Arthur Péquin © Arthur Péquin