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Water and Wellbeing: Projects that Explore the Potential of Public Baths and Pools

© Jaime Navarro © Jaime Navarro

There is something about water that continually captures our imagination. Tranquil, dramatic, or ever-changing, the architecture of public baths and swimming pools can enhance the inherent qualities of water. Bathhouses were traditionally meeting-spaces where social differences bled away into skin and steam. Even in contemporary architectural projects, spaces for swimming and bathing often feel like a separate world, therapeutic and intimate. 

Below are 12 projects that display stunning spaces for communal bathing and swimming.

Summer Pool In Godella / Álvarez Cubells Arquitectos

Lattice framework supports undulating roof at swimming pool by Brochet Lajus Pueyo

Swimming Pool Brochet Lajus Pueyo Architectes

Brochet Lajus Pueyo has completed a swimming pool in Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France, with a roof informed by waves and the movements of manta rays. Read more

Apartment in Le Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation Renovated to Original Design by Philipp Mohr

© Didier Gaillard- Hohlweg © Didier Gaillard- Hohlweg

Architect Philipp Mohr has led the renovation of an apartment at Le Corbusier’s iconic Unite d’Habitation in Berlin, carried out to the architect’s original design. Over the course of two years, Mohr’s team engaged with archival research, antique shopping, and the surveying of the Unite d’Habitation Marseille in France.

Mohr purchased the apartment in 2016 and embarked on a journey of demolition, measurement, and extensive renovation including lowering ceilings and moving walls in order to recreate the interior likely envisioned by Le Corbusier.

Public School near Paris / richard+schoeller

© Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia
  • Consultant Structure: Alpes Structures
  • Hvac: S2T
  • Economist: Fabrice Bougon
© Sergio Grazia © Sergio Grazia

Text description provided by the architects. Located in the city center, the 8 classes school is accompanied by an urban change of pedestrian routes. Located against the old fortification, the building on one level is sheltered by a roof terrace entirely reachable and vegetated.

Fab City Summit Paris 2018 (30% Discount for ArchDaily Readers!)

Fab City Summit - Paris 11-3 Fab City Summit - Paris 11-3

This summer, July 11–13, the annual Fab City Summit will take place in Paris at the Paris City Hall and Parc de La Villette. The yearly event will gather the core team behind the Fab City Global Initiative together with city officials, innovation ecosystems from civic society and industry.

Fab City is a global initiative that was launched by Fab Lab Barcelona | IAAC, the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms, and the Fab Foundation in 2014, starting a 40-year countdown to develop a new model for cities to produce everything they consume by 2054. 18 cities have followed the Barcelona pledge, officially joining the initiative through their governments and innovation ecosystems.

More cities have applied to pledge in Paris this summer to join the global effort to fight climate change and democratize access to technology for social innovation. The Fab City Summit is hosted by the Fab City Grand Paris Association, the City Government of Paris and the Fab City Foundation.

ArchDaily readers are also eligible for a 30% discount when purchasing tickets to the summit! Simply visit the Fab City Summit website to purchase your tickets and enter the promotional code FABDAILY30 when prompted.

Musée de la Romanité de Nîmes / 2Portzamparc – Elizabeth de Portzamparc

© Nicolas Borel © Nicolas Borel
  • Associate Architect: A+ Architecture
  • Chief Architect Of The Historical Monuments: Alain-Charles Perrot
  • Landscapist: Régis Guignard
  • Multimedia: Mardi8
  • Signage: Locomotion Sarl / Je Formule
  • Lighting: Lightec
  • Acoustic Engineering: Gamba Acoustique
  • Economy Of The Construction: L’Echo
  • Structure: Sarl André Verdier
  • Façade: RFR
  • Consultant For Fluids: Louis Choulet

"Past, Present, Future": Leading Dutch and Italian Designers on Being an Architect Yesterday, Today, and Beyond

Architecture is always evolving. The practice and business of architecture are undoubtedly evolving alongside the more obvious technological advances, but what we often forget is that there are no new ideas. When it comes to design, what we see manifested in our daily lives is the result of evolution. And at the root of that design evolution is inspiration.

A new initiative from Gianpiero Venturini and his firm Itinerant Office titled Past, Present, Future aims to open a research path based on the analysis of successful practices in the 21st Century while ultimately providing a new form of inspiration for the next generations of architects and designers. The documentary series begins with a select group of 11 international architects, including Jacob van Rijs, co-founder of MVRDV, Mario Cucinella, and Simone Sfriso, co-founder of TAMassociati. Each architect is featured in three video interviews in which they reveal the methodology behind their designs, the themes and approaches within their architectural practice, and the predictions they have for architecture in the near and distant future.

Résidence Universitaire Olympe de Gouges / ppa architectures

© Antoine Séguin © Antoine Séguin
  • Architects: ppa architectures
  • Location: 35 Rue Maurice Bécanne, 31400 Toulouse, France
  • Lead Architects Partner: Jean-Manuel Puig
  • Lead Architects Project Managers: Sylvie Bouet, Clémence Durupt
  • Lead Architects Team: Elisabeth Lebas, Jules Terlaud
  • Associate Architect: scalene architectes
  • Area: 14641.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Antoine Séguin, a+b, Philippe Ruault

Farmhouse Renovation / Atelier 56S

© Jeremias Gonzalez © Jeremias Gonzalez
  • Architects: Atelier 56S
  • Location: Bruz, France
  • Lead Architects: José Prieto, Fanny Landeau
  • Area: 208.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Jeremias Gonzalez
© Jeremias Gonzalez © Jeremias Gonzalez

Text description provided by the architects. The project consists of renovating an old farmhouse. In addition to the classic program of a house, the clients wanted a music room and a studio.