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A Matter of Art

A Matter of Art: Contemporary Architecture in Switzerland
Jacques Lucan (Editor) with Colette Raffaele, Guy Nicollier and Philippe Mivelaz, advised by Martin Steinmann
Birkhäuser, May 2001

Paperback | 8-1/4 x 10-3/4 inches | 208 pages | French/English | ISBN: 978-3764364458

Publisher Description:
Contemporary Swiss Architecture has gained considerable international reputation with stars such as Mario Botta, Herzog & de Meuron and Peter Zumthor being celebrated throughout the world. This book reviews the current architectural scene in Switzerland, analysing it from three contrasting perspectives. Examined are 18 individual buildings that are considered representative of the high quality of contemporary Swiss architecture. Subsequently, six chapters focus on specific features which are characteristic of this architecture. Concluding the volume are five essays by Joseph Abram, Jacques Lucan, Bruno Marchand, Stanislaus von Moos and Martin Steinmann, each providing illuminating analyses and setting the present-day situation in a historical context.
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Pop-Up Park / Collectif Parenthèse

© Alan Aubry | Métropôle Rouen Normandie © Alan Aubry | Métropôle Rouen Normandie

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Dominique Coulon & associés

Dominique Coulon & associés
2semesters 150entradas 150posts 2semestres · Covered market and exhibition area . Schiltigheim Dominique Coulon & associés Schiltigheim is the third largest town in the Bas-Rhin département (eastern France) in terms of population, and is the most densely populated town in the Strasbourg metropolis. It developed in the nineteenth century, centred on brewing and related industrial … Continue reading Dominique Coulon & associés

Sou Fujimoto's L'Arbre Blanc Through the Lens of Laurian Ghinitoiu

© Laurian Ghinitoiu © Laurian Ghinitoiu

Earlier this year, the L’Abre Blanc Residential Tower was completed in Montpellier, France. Designed by Sou Fujimoto, Nicolas Laisné, Manal Rachdi, and Dimitri Roussel, the tree-like structure features cantilevered balconies protruding from its ‘trunk’ in all directions. An eccentric but unique silhouette, the building is hoped to become an object of pride for the people of Montpellier as well as a tourist attraction.

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Ateliers & Showroom Marine Serre / Lemoal Lemoal Architectes

© Elodie Dupuis © Elodie Dupuis

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Ycone La Confluence Residential Tower / Ateliers Jean Nouvel

© Guillaume Perret © Guillaume Perret

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La Maison Plissée / WRA- Wild Rabbits Architecture

© Daniel Moulinet © Daniel Moulinet

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Francisco Aires Mateus on Human Values in Architecture

© Nelson Garrido © Nelson Garrido

Past, Present, Future is an interview project by Itinerant Office, asking acclaimed architects to share their perspectives on the constantly evolving world of architecture. Each interview is split into three video segments: Past, Present, and Future, in which interviewees discuss their thoughts and experiences of architecture through each of those lenses. The first episode of the project featured 11 architects from Italy and the Netherlands and Episode II is comprised of interviews with 13 architects from Spain, Portugal, France, and Belgium.