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The Great Castles of America and Their Design Trends, Angelica St. Rose

Ever since I was young, I dreamt about what living in a castle would be like. Would I suddenly become royalty, with an arsenal of servants and noblemen to follow my every beck and call, of knights to fight for my honor? Would I suddenly be able to snap my fingers and summon a musician to play any tune I wanted, even if it was the instrumental to some Beyonce song? Could I rule the world?

Okay, okay. Admittedly, my delusions of grandeur as a child had never risen to such ridiculous heights. My fascination for castles didn’t come from fantasies about owning dragons Daenerys-style, or inciting epic wars in my honor. Rather, my reasoning is far more simple: I fell in love with the architecture, the Old World charm of these gallant fortresses. Castles feel like time capsules rooted in modern time, each and every one painting individual stories. Below are a collection of my favorite chateaus all across America.

Boldt Castle (SV – 22,200)

Location — Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, New York  

5 Magistrate Towers / Jeremy Steere Architect

© Kim Steinberg © Kim Steinberg

Uber EMEA Headquarters / Assembly Design Studio + Cannon Design

© Jasper Sanidad © Jasper Sanidad
  • Architects: Assembly Design Studio, Cannon Design
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Architect Of Record: Tetris Design and Build
  • Design Team: Liz Guerrero, Denise Cherry, Michelle Richter, Megan Sveiven, David Hunter, Courtney DeWalt, Jeorge Jordan, Sarah Dziuba, Colleen Masusako, Dion Dekker
  • Area: 8300.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Jasper Sanidad
  • Project Management: JLL
  • General Contractor: Tetris Design and Build
  • Mep Consultant: Smits van Burgst
  • Structural Engineer: Zonnefeld Ingenieurs
  • Lighting Consultant: Smits van Burgst
  • Millwork: Harmeling Interieurconcepten
  • Consultant: Hospitality Group
  • Leed Consultant: BREEAM Consultant/ DGMR
  • Graphic Design: Assembly Design Studio

AMKNA's Ode to Africa Shortlisted for the 2018 World Architecture Festival Award

Courtesy of AMKNA Design Studio Courtesy of AMKNA Design Studio

AMKNA, the Dubai-based studio, has been shortlisted for the 2018 World Architecture Festival, in recognition of their design proposal of a cultural center in Sedhiou, Senegal. The proposed “Sedhiou Cultural Center” will provide citizens with a rich cultural, social, and educational experience, all while sustaining the surrounding environment and keeping African heritage alive.

An Architectural Guide to Nantes: The French City of Weird and Wonderful Art

Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne featuring Paysage Glisse by Tact Architectes and Tangui Robert. Image © LVAN Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne featuring Paysage Glisse by Tact Architectes and Tangui Robert. Image © LVAN

Situated in the Loire region of France, Nantes could be regarded as a “tale of two cities” from many angles. Once a bustling node for European shipping, former vast, industrial warehouses have become a hotbed of cultural and artistic expression. Meanwhile, divided by the Loire river flowing towards the Atlantic, a maze of Haussmann-style terraces, ornate cathedrals, and monumental museums sit in contrast to an island of outlandish mechanical contraptions, and young, modern, free-spirited innovation.

The sheer variety of artistic and architectural wonders alone make Nantes a destination for architects and designers. Merged with culinary excellence, highly-instagrammable hotels, and a determination by public and private officials to maintain and expand on the city’s vibrant, playful design scene, and Nantes becomes a must-see, undiscovered architectural gem.

Skywalk of Gibraltar: Stunning Views from a Converted WWII Lookout Station

[ By WebUrbanist in Architecture & Public & Institutional. ]

Cantilevered off the steep edges, near the top of the famous Rock of Gibraltar, it’s hard to believe this peaceful viewing platform once housed anti-aircraft guns, its critical location a strategic lynchpin during World War II.

Developed by Arc Designs, the Skywalk sits in the Upper Rock Nature Reserve on top of a natural stone base, accessed by steel stairs (or a panoramic lift) from below. The base of the gun emplacements have become benches.

Offering panoramic views of Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, it is easy to see why this place was known as the Pillars of Hercules

School Architecture: 70 Examples in Plan and Section

© Onnis Luque © Onnis Luque

For architects, schools are often complex structures to design. They must provide a variety of spaces for education, and also consider sports and recreational activities. But beyond its size or surface, the greatest challenge is to design an area that fosters a positive pedagogical environment for children. Below, a selection of 70 school projects with their drawings to inspire your proposals for learning campuses.

Lishin Elementary School Library / TALI DESIGN

Meet the 9 Regional Winners of the 2018 International VELUX Award for Students of Architecture

Courtesy of Velux Group Courtesy of Velux Group

Held every two years, the International VELUX Award challenges students to generate projects that take advantage of daylight, with the aim of developing a deeper understanding of this energy source.

A jury of renowned architects chose 9 regional winners for its 2018 iteration, who will now compete for the winning title at the World Architecture Festival in November. The winners were chosen from projects presented by students from 250 different architecture schools in 58 countries.

The jury was comprised of internationally renowned architects including Carme Pigem Barceló, founding partner of RCR Architects (ES), Li Hu, founding partner of OPEN Architecture (CH), Rick Joy, director of Rick Joy Architects (USA), Saša Begović, founding partner of 3LHD Architects (HR), and Martin Pors Jepsen, vice president of the VELUX Innovation Center. They convened for two days in Copenhagen to evaluate more than 600 student projects.

The winners from the ‘Daylight in Buildings’ category are: 

Why Heatherwick Studio's Zeitz MOCAA Is "A Call to Arms" For African Museums

© Iwan Baan © Iwan Baan

The Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa—or Zeitz MOCAA for short—recently received first place in ArchDaily's Refurbishment in Architecture awards, with its striking design transforming a formerly derelict industrial building into an iconic landmark in South Africa’s oldest working harbor. Developed by the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town and designed by Heatherwick Studio, the mixed-use project is now “the world’s largest museum dedicated to contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora.” To celebrate the award, we sat down with group leader Matthew Cash to discuss the challenges faced during the project, its cultural importance to Africa, and the practice’s interest in refurbishment as a whole.