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The Role of Software for Birthing Architecture 3.0

Architecture is dominated by software, from pre-concept to construction administration. This is doubly so with sustainability – only with the advent of whole building simulation and building information modeling (BIM) could energy modeling, computational fluid dynamic,s and daylight analysis be rigorously forecasted. These predictive simulations provide the necessary data to determine everything from indoor comfort to energy cost savings to potential glare on computer screens Yet, it seems that architecture is falling short as new applications and devices are created everyday.

Taiwan will fine parents who fail to restrict their kids’ screen time

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In response to a growing worldwide concerns facing electronics addictions among children, the Taiwanese government has now placed serious restrictions on of smartphones, tablets and computers in kids under 18, and has completely banned children under 2 years-old from using iPads and other electronic gadgets. The revised law called the “Child and Youth Welfare Protection Act” will fine parents up to $1,500 for violating the restrictions. Kids between 2 and 18 years of age will forced to limit electronic media usage to a “not unreasonable” amount of time, although the authorities have not specified how much time that amounts to, which is bound to spur some confusion among parents. How will Taiwan enforce this new legislation? Read on for the full scoop.

Ingenious Faceted Cork Case for iPad by Pomm

We’re sure that eco conscious people who always love to add a touch of green to their loved gadgets will be pleased to find out about this ingenious cork case that fits perfectly with the new iPad and iPad2. iCorkCase was envisioned by the Portuguese design studio Pomm, who wanted to create something unique and entirely new to revolutionize the standard accessories available for  iPads on the market today, and we think they manage to create a rather original  and eco-friendly iPad case with a very stylish look.

Gamer Geek Wearables: 12 8-Bit Fashion & Decor Designs

[ By Steph in Gaming & Computing & Technology. ]

8-bit sleeve 1

If you’ve always wished you could step inside an old 8-bit game or computer, outfitting yourself and your home in these pixelated designs is about as close as you’re likely to get. Make your own post-it mural, throw on a pair of extra-geeky glasses, strap a clock icon watch to your wrist and even assemble a real-life replica of an early Microsoft Windows trash can.

8-Bit Fashion by Kunihilo Morinage

8-bit fashion 1

8-bit fashion 3

8-bit fashion 2

Sleeves Are For Nerds: Geeky iPad, Tablet & eReader Covers

[ By Steve in Gadgets & Geekery & Technology. ]

Tablets, iPads and eReaders are so ubiquitous, nerdy owners are employing extreme acts of graphic personalization to imbue their devices with unique geek chic.

Pope Francis and the sea of digital screens | Jonathan Jones

In this picture the intimacy of the tablet computer mingles with the generosity of Bernini's piazza. Both make people feel connectedPeople gathered on the piazza of St Peter's to witness the arrival of Pope Francis I light up the evening with the mass of screens they are holding up: as they stand in this vast public space looking at the distant figures in front of the basilica, they are simultaneously seeing it close up on tablet computers and phones.It is not hard to see what this says about modern culture – digital technology is transforming the way people experience mass events.

Surface Learning

I remember last summer when I was talking to one of my mother’s friends about her son.  She told me that his middle school provides all the students with ipads and requires them to use it as the primary learning device. He said that they rarely take notes with pencil and paper anymore. The thought of learning through the interaction with a digital surface as the principal medium was new to me. I immediately felt dissatisfaction but wasn't exactly sure why; is this actually detrimental to the educational process? Am I simply reacting negatively to change as a resistance mechanism? Do I have some romantic idea about the importance of putting pen to paper?  This quarter I enrolled in ARC 454 iPad Portfolio Class (co-taught by Sarah Lorenzen and George Proctor), which is a pilot class aimed at the goal of publishing an iPad app portfolio for each student. As part of a grant, each student would receive an iPad for the quarter to help reinforce the understanding of the medium and to...

Photo + PDF Annotation Made Easy with truPad App

The following post is brought to you by truPad by Tru Inc. Our partners are hand-picked by the Design Milk team because they represent the best in design. I’m a very visual person, and that’s one reason why our site is so photo-heavy: I believe visuals are the best way to demonstrate, make a point, or express emotion. However, sometimes visuals just aren’t enough… especially when it comes to communicating with team members at work. In this digital age, gone are the days of writing in the margins or adding “comments” to PDFs. Lots of people are now using phones and iPads for work, so annotating a PDF is way too old school and cumbersome on a tablet. That’s why the guys at Tru Inc. developed truPad, a photo and PDF annotation tool that works for our digital lives. Architects and designers can annotate plans, PDFs, sketches, or even take screenshots and add notes right on top of the photo. Project managers can communicate effectively with their teams immediately, no matter where in the world they are. You can even record a voice note to go along with your photo. I’m thinking this could be totally useful for when I send pics of my dog to my husband. Take a photo on your construction site and send annotations back to the engineer or designer, shoot a font you love and send it back to the office with a note to yourself or your team, or simply send your kid’s drawing to grandma. You can also create tons of folders and use them to archive all your files as well as tag them with individual keywords for easy lookup later. I can see a lot of use for an app like this, especially in the working design world. truPad is just $0.89 in the iTunes App Store so go download it now and get working on those cat pic voice messages. Download trupad