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PIVEXIN Technology HQ / MUS Architects

© Tomasz Zakrzewski © Tomasz Zakrzewski
  • Architects: MUS Architects
  • Location: Wyrobiskowa 4, 47-440 Babice, Poland
  • Lead Architects: Adam Zwierzynski, Anna Porebska
  • Area: 3800.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Tomasz Zakrzewski
© Tomasz Zakrzewski © Tomasz Zakrzewski

Text description provided by the architects. The aim of the project was to develop a comprehensive vision of the new headquarters of Pivexin Technology.

Herzog & de Meuron design a "Hovering Trapezoid Structure" for the University of Zurich

© Herzog & de Meuron © Herzog & de Meuron

Herzog & de Meuron has released details of their proposed Forum UZH, creating a new center for education and research on the city campus of the University of Zurich. The new building is a seen as a crucial element for ensuring the future viability of Zurich as a higher education hub, upgrading and consolidating an existing aging, dispersed campus.

Due to be completed in 2027, the Forum UZH will occupy a prominent corner site, combining expansive public space with the firm’s recognizable clean, contemporary language. Situated in the old city’s university quarter, dominated by stand-alone buildings set back from the street on below-ground plinths and terraces, the Forum UZH forms the 21st-century embodiment of the stately urban campus.

Plumeria House – Student Center / LUWIST

© Aldo Tria © Aldo Tria
  • Architects: LUWIST
  • Location: Jatinangor , Bandung, Indonesia
  • Lead Architects: Lukie Widya
  • Area: 628.0 m2
  • Project Year: 2017
  • Photographs: Aldo Tria
  • Other Participants: Arie Priya, Arman Masudi, Latifah Utary, Ditrisa Taranadia, Livie Tamariska, Ramadhan Adita
  • Landscape: Reza Marsulaya
  • Structure Engineer: Restu Andrea

Hanging Villa / TWS & Partners

© Fernando Gomulya © Fernando Gomulya

Supplies Storage and Management Facility / Elcio Gomes Silva + Valério Augusto Soares de Medeiros

© Joana França © Joana França
  • Design, Inspection And Realization: Câmara dos Deputados
  • Collaborators: Valéria Maia Alves Ferreira de Carvalho, Fábio Chamon Melo, Eduardo Gaulitchi, Danilo Matoso
  • Landscape Design: Paulo Barreiros de Oliveira
  • Communication Design: Paulo Roberto Amorim
  • Layout And Furniture: Carlos André do Valle Thomaz, Ricardo Marcel Mansano André
  • Fiscalization: Izabela Rebelo Miquelino Cunha, Mauro Moura Severino
  • Structure: Lucílio Antônio Vitorino, Dalmo Blanco Cinnanti

Sister’s House / Balthazar Aroso Arquitectos

© Tiago Casanova © Tiago Casanova

Casa Firjan / Atelier77

© Monique Cabral © Monique Cabral
  • Architects: Atelier77
  • Location: Guilhermina Guinle Street, 211 - Botafogo - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Team: Rodrigo Bocater, David Serrão, GregorFasching, San Jandrey, Fernando Bonini, Carmen Gottschall, Astrid Pudzhun
  • Area: 73194.5 ft2
  • Project Year: 2018
  • Photographs: Monique Cabral, Fernando Bonini

Building of Pintor Mir / Rovira Cuyàs Arquitectes

© Simón García © Simón García

POC Ermida / Pedro Geraldes

© Alexandre Delmar © Alexandre Delmar
  • Structures: COBA S.A.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Andritz Hydro, Efacec S.A.
  • Hydraulics: FCC Construccion + RRC Ramalho Rosa Cobetar S.A. + OPWAY
  • Electricity And Communications: Andritz Hydro, Efacec S.A.
  • Collaborators: (EDP)Gilberto Monteiro (general coordination), Diogo Santiago (architecture), Nuno Oliveira (mechanical eng.), Miguel Roque (mechanical eng.), Joana Santiago (electric eng.), Armando Camelo (materials), Pedro Silva (materials), Ana Costa (safety)
  • Contractor: FCC Construccion + RRC Ramalho Rosa Cobetar S.A. + OPWAY
  • Client: EDP