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Book Briefs #31: A Trio of Wright

"Book Briefs" are an ongoing series of posts with short first-hand descriptions of some of the numerous books that make their way into my library. These briefs are not full-blown reviews, but they are a way to share more books worthy of attention than can find their way into reviews on this blog.

This year's 150th anniversary of Frank Lloyd Wright's birth (1867-1959) has generated much in the way of content: exhibitions, publications, and articles galore. I've done my share on this blog – So You Want to Learn About Frank Lloyd Wright, a book review of An Organic Architecture, and Wright at Columbia – and here I wrap up my coverage with some takes on three publications devoted to an architect we're sure to be celebrating again in another fifty years.

New AHR practice looks for overseas boost

Ex-Aedas business looks to Middle East and India

Investcorp Building for Oxford University’s Middle East Centre at St Antony’s College by Zaha Hadid | Architonic

Founded in 1957, the Middle East Centre at St Antony’s College serves as the University of Oxford’s facility for research and teaching on the Arab world, Iran, Israel and Turkey from the 19th century to the present day, with its focus on the research of humanities and social sciences. The centre has been housed at 68 Woodstock Road (the former rectory of the Church of St Philip and St James, built in 1887) since 1978. The Middle East Centre holds Oxford University’s primary collection on the modern Middle East, a world-class archive of private papers and historic photographs used by scholars and researchers with an interest in the region. The centre’s research core is the specialised library, document and photographic archive covering material from the 1800’s onwards. The archive was set up in 1961 and has grown to over 400 collections of private papers and holds more than 100,000 historic photographs. The new Investcorp Building for the Middle East Centre provides 1,127 square metr

Regional Holcim Awards 2011 for Asia Pacific

Following the regional Holcim Awards for sustainable construction projects for Latin America, Europe, Africa Middle East, and North America, winners of the Asia Pacific Aw

PLP launches Doha studio

PLP is to open its first permanent office in the Middle East ahead of an anticipated increase in workload in the region

Rosetta S. Elkin publishes on "desertification" in the Middle East and Africa

In her recent contribution the Beirut-based Portal  9's "Forest" issue, Rosetta S. Elkin, assistant professor of landscape architecture, explores the history and usage of the term "desertification," with a particular lens to the Middle East and Africa.

Dream Deep: Trippy Maps Reenvisioned by Google’s Artificial Neural Network

[ By WebUrbanist in Art & Drawing & Digital. ]

FaceApp and similar reality-warping applications are especially fun to use in ways their designers never intended. Along similar lines, Google’s DeepDream (designed for photo manipulation) creates fascinating results using photographs but is even more stunning when applied to representations of cityscapes.

While training DeepDream (a neural network that adapts like a brain to new inputs) to identify, differentiate and understand images, Google researchers discovered it could “over-interpret” results as well. In short: it could start to “read into” images from previous experience, resulting in an array of beautiful (if disturbing) hybrids.