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Stackable School Desks: Multifunctional Designs for Rural Mexican Schools

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Stacking chairs have long been a space-saving staple of offices, homes and schools, but getting a complex shape like a desk to stack up is a challenge — one these designers decided to take on for a very specific and practical application.

Studio Nos redesigned the traditional children’s school desk to make it affordable, durable, lightweight and able to be put away when not in use. The result of their efforts is a brightly colorful and interconnected chair-and-desk system with a number of nifty features.

The conical chairs stack for storage while a backrest allows students to hang their bags and backpacks. A slot underneath, meanwhile, provides a place to store books and other school supplies.

The Benefits of Bean Bags in Today’s Busy life

It is of utmost importance that you must know how to handle yourself in today’s busy life. It is human nature that if the human being is pampered properly then he or she manages even the busiest of the schedules. So bean bag is a product which can give you maximum level of body comfort so that you overcome the daily life hectic schedule. Comfort matters a lot to human body because it regenerates the interest to work again and again.

People who are into reading books and watching are more prone to using bean bags as it gives them a seat with ultimate comfort and they can focus on their respected hobbies. Movies, Watching TV and reading books are kind of activities which require the most amount of human concentration and if you are lying down on a sofa, couch or Bean Bag which is soft, comfortable and trendy in look then it multiplies the pleasure of these activities.

Work Smarter: 12 Modern Desks Reinvent the Standard Office Surface

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

The typical desk design has remained the same for centuries, but we need these surfaces to do more – like incorporate our gadgets, offer privacy in loud offices, fit into our homes, fold up to take on the go or offer proper space for our cat overlords. Maybe even all of these things at once.  These designs are more than just a flat slab on legs, adapting to 21st century standards in all sorts of different ways.

Turia Table by Maxime Mellot Incorporates Nature

Latest Design Trends in Wooden Furniture

Furniture trends aren’t on top of everyone’s list. Most people are not too conscious about the furniture they buy. However, if you really care about the decor of your home then you need to be on top of furniture trends. Wooden furniture has been a staple in most households as it is aesthetically appealing and quite durable, depending on the type of wood used. We have some trends in wooden furniture for you to consider if you are looking to change your home decor.

Exotic wood

Exotic wood is basically any wood that you would not normally find domestically. These are imported and have become quite a trend in wooden furniture. You can find them in different shades, so pick on to your liking. Exotic wood is typically hardwood so they are durable and give a nice appeal. You can find numerous different websites online that make tables, beds, and other pieces of furniture with exotic wood. The feel and look of the wood are slightly different than domestic wood so it adds a nice “exoticness” to the home.

Warm wood tones

LURVIG for Pets: IKEA Debuts its First Line of Animal Furniture & Accessories

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Made to be compatible with other IKEA furnishings and fixtures, this new first-of-its kind pet collection has something for all your favorite furry friends.

The 62-piece collection was designed by Inma Bermudéz and aims to fill a market gap with quality, aesthetically pleasing but affordable pet products.

Some of the objects extend existing uses, helping customers save money and space, like kitty-scratching materials that attach to existing IKEA table legs or puppy beds that slot into bookshelf systems already on offer.  A number of the products are designed to pack flat and fold away when not in use.

Not Your Dive Bar’s Pool Table: 13 Modern Game Furniture Designs

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Fixtures & Interiors. ]

Most game furniture looks like it belongs in a musty basement smelling of spilled beer and body odor, but high end tables for billiards, foosball, ping pong, shuffleboard and other popular indoor games are made to fit right into luxury environments, sometimes even complete with plated gold details. Some are even works of art in their own right, doubling as sculpture, while others bring games that haven’t changed much in decades a little more firmly into the current century.

Ping Pong FM Interactive Table Tennis Jukebox

Slinky Chairs: Accordion-Style Transforming Furniture Stretches & Bends

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

What starts as a flat, stackable, highly portable package expands more than ten times its original size when you pull on either end, bending and curling to become a sofa for a group. The Flexible Love Sofa and Chair are made from 100% recycled paper, yet they’re surprisingly strong, with the longer sofa holding up to 4,232 pounds at once when fully expanded. Designed in Taiwan, the series is available in ‘marble’ white, ‘lava’ black and ‘earth’ brown, and measures just over 5 inches across when collapsed.

Swiss Army Bed: The Ultimate Modular & Multifunctional Furniture Design

[ By WebUrbanist in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

It’s hard to imagine a more flexible and functional piece of furniture to spend a third of your life in than this one from Singapore, featuring an array of creature comforts and high-tech customizations.

USB ports and plugs tie into charging and speaker systems for lounging around with tunes and devices, while an optional massage chair can help relax the restless before sleep.

3D Printed Furniture?

3D design opens new doors for interior designing

A look at today’s interior design, specifically in the furnishings and supporting décor will show that there is a leaning to the unusual and luxurious. For designers coupling a client’s taste, personality, and budget may be a daunting task, especially if any of these elements do not correspond with another. Often, one will find that the demands of the design are either too high for the allotted budget, or simply do not exist. And here is where 3D printing can help in your furnishings.

Create Concepts

If you can draw structurally sound furnishings which do not exist in the real-world, you can pass that design off to a 3D artist to have it modeled out to scale. A good 3D artist will note that the fabrics will need to be on a separate layer and that the framework should be isolated and will produce a 3D model which reflects this. Because 3D printers can print complex shapes, the design of the furniture is mainly limited by the scope of your imagination and the size of the printing box in which the furniture will be fabricated.

Keep in mind that you will need to make the cushions and the fabric additions to the furniture post fabrication. While 3D printers have come a along way, they have not yet designed a machine to create hard interior framing and plush cushion exteriors. That being stated, chairs have been printed and had standard sized cushions added, fixtures have been designed and had electrical elements added post-fabrication as well. It really is just a matter of getting your concept into 3D and then tweaking and printing the concept out.

Build your own Analog Memory Desk to capture every scribble and sketch

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Good news for scribblers everywhere! Kirsten Camara, a student at the Minnesota College of Art and Design (MCAD), designed and built an amazing Analog Memory Desk to capture her every note and doodle. The desk features a built-in spool of paper measuring 1,100 feet long (that’s a kilometer, by the way), which covers the desktop. Once you’ve filled up the work surface with your jotted notes and idea sketches, you simply turn the crank at one end of the desk, spooling the used paper off the desktop and providing a fresh canvas for all your scribbling needs. Camara isn’t building the desks for sale, but she’s released her designs for free under Creative Commons, so anyone handy with some lumber can make their own analog memory desk at home.

+ Kirsten Camara’s Analog Memory Desk

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