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Swiss Army Bed: The Ultimate Modular & Multifunctional Furniture Design

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It’s hard to imagine a more flexible and functional piece of furniture to spend a third of your life in than this one from Singapore, featuring an array of creature comforts and high-tech customizations.

USB ports and plugs tie into charging and speaker systems for lounging around with tunes and devices, while an optional massage chair can help relax the restless before sleep.

3D Printed Furniture?

3D design opens new doors for interior designing

A look at today’s interior design, specifically in the furnishings and supporting décor will show that there is a leaning to the unusual and luxurious. For designers coupling a client’s taste, personality, and budget may be a daunting task, especially if any of these elements do not correspond with another. Often, one will find that the demands of the design are either too high for the allotted budget, or simply do not exist. And here is where 3D printing can help in your furnishings.

Create Concepts

If you can draw structurally sound furnishings which do not exist in the real-world, you can pass that design off to a 3D artist to have it modeled out to scale. A good 3D artist will note that the fabrics will need to be on a separate layer and that the framework should be isolated and will produce a 3D model which reflects this. Because 3D printers can print complex shapes, the design of the furniture is mainly limited by the scope of your imagination and the size of the printing box in which the furniture will be fabricated.

Keep in mind that you will need to make the cushions and the fabric additions to the furniture post fabrication. While 3D printers have come a along way, they have not yet designed a machine to create hard interior framing and plush cushion exteriors. That being stated, chairs have been printed and had standard sized cushions added, fixtures have been designed and had electrical elements added post-fabrication as well. It really is just a matter of getting your concept into 3D and then tweaking and printing the concept out.

Cool Optical Illusion – Colorful Glass Tables by Sebastian Scherer

Simple, yet ingenious, that how can be describe in few words the following concept of German designer Sebastian Scherer, which impresses through color, surprise and clarity. He designed a unique series of coffee tables called Isom combining glass, geometric lines and amazing optical illusion that will simply inspire you with its dazzling presence. 10mm sheets of strong coloured glass are interestingly glued together with UV adhesive, resulting hexagon-shaped tops that lay on three vertical rectangles appearing to form rhombuses when looking down at them because of the edges of the base pieces.

Colorful table series

Various depths of color  are reflected on the cut surfaces because of the layering effect of the glass, evoking the illusion of isometric cubes if you look from certain angles. It allows the light to pass through the material, unobstructed and unobscured, creating this beautiful effect of “transparency”. Very modern looking thanks to this geometric design and the choice of color hue, the coffee tables are design objects and pieces of art at the same time. They are charming, simple and elegant. They can be used on their own or in group mixing the colors up for that cool optical illusions they create. Isom is available in blue, green, grey, and bronze glass, in two sizes, 60 cm in diameter, 25 cm high, and 120 cm in diameter, 35 cm high.

Sergio Vergara’s Guacamaya Tables Fuse Colombian Craftsmanship with Modern Furniture Design



Guacamayas is a village in the department of Boyacá, Colombia, where traditional artisans manufacture handicrafts from straw and fique. Originally, the material was used for food gathering and in sacred rituals and ceremonies, but today the artisans of the area use it to make an array of decorative objects, such as baskets, dishes, fruit bowls, and placemats. Designer Sergio Vergara was inspired by this traditional artisan craft and he challenged himself to combine the old craft with a contemporary design. His Guacamaya tables are designs that use the same material, with the tables in particular taking shape with a spiral and coil atop a matte black metallic structure. The pieces are also part of the ‘Tropical Glamour Collection’ for Zientte and Artesanias de Colombia.

+ Sergio Vergara

+ Zientte

Flip, Stack, Connect: 13 Highly Customizable Furniture Designs

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customizable facile sofa

Somewhere between half-hearted DIY jobs and expensive custom-created solutions, there’s customizable furniture kits, which make it easy to create the ideal setup for your home and life without requiring special skills or tools.

Hacka IKEA kitchen

customizable ikea hacka

customizable ikea hacka 2

Comfort and Privacy with Abri-Boca Living Pod

Abri-Boca is the latest project of the young German industrial designer Philipp Süssmann showcased at Milan Design Week 2013, an original looking living pod characterized by adaptability and clever design. Combining knowledge of society, living space and nature, the Abri-Boca concept reflects the idea of flexibility in a continuously changing society and the idea of protection, which is the actual meaning of transformation in nature.

The unique shape of the furniture item and it’s pivoting mechanism caught our attention and we couldn’t help ourselves from sharing with you guys. Dedicated to relaxation, at a blink of an eye Abri-Boca can transform itself from an open state into more intimate and enclosed ones allowing users to rest as they were in an armchair or in a bed. Interesting to observe from every stand point, when looking at it in its open state,  the  minimalist design it has doesn’t betray at all the fact that what initially appears to be an unusual armchair, it becomes a cocoon-like place, creating a protective canopy over the owner. A comfortable mattress unfolds forming a larger resting area, whilst the curved wood components kept together when it’s in the open state, now reveals to create a beautiful wooden shell via a mobile module for more privacy and tranquility.

Wooden shell closed

Max Voytenko's Kroll shelves and tables have matching zigzag elements

Ukrainian designer Max Voytenko has created a collection of shelving and coffee tables with supports designed to resemble a drawing of a folded sheet of paper. (more…)

Serie Polígono / LOSGOGO

Cortesía de LOSGOGO

Tomás y Nicolás Aracena, diseñador y arquitecto, son los creadores del taller de diseño LOSGOGO, donde trabajan a partir de la construcción y el autoencargo. La serie Polígono es un ejercicio proyectual: dos materiales, una lógica constructiva y un tiempo acotado (3 semanas). 

Silla Angular / S-AR

© Ana Cecilia Garza Villarreal

Angular es la segunda pieza de una serie de muebles de madera diseñados por S-AR, estudio de diseño arquitectónico con base en Monterrey, México.

La pieza surge a partir de la secuencia de la unión de 4 tablas de madera de pino donde una de ellas ha sido desfasada en ángulo para crear al mismo tiempo el respaldo y el apoyo posterior del asiento de la silla, rompiendo con esto un rectángulo primitivo conceptual formado originalmente por las 4 tablas.