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Moucharabieh New-School / Y.Architectes + Gautier+Conquet

© Brice Robert

Arquitectos: Y. Architectes, Gautier+Conquet
Ubicación: Nîmes, France
Y. Architectes: Yann Fontaine, Yann Drossart, Corinne Drossart
Gautier+Conquet: Dominique Gautier
Cliente: Nîmes Métropole
Área: 230.0 m2
Año: 2012
Fotografías: Brice Robert

Escuela de Economía de Noruega / Link arkitektur

© Hundven-Clements Photography

Arquitectos: Link arkitektur
Ubicación: Norges Handelshøyskole, Helleveien 30, 5045 Bergen, Noruega
Área Proyecto: 13000.0 m2
Año Proyecto: 2013
Fotografías: Hundven-Clements Photography

School in Cervelló / BCQ Arquitectura

Cortesía de BCQ Arquitectura

Arquitecto: BCQ Arquitectura
Ubicación: Cervelló
Arquitecto A Cargo: Toni Casamor, David Baena, Manel Peribáñez, Maria Taltavull
Arquitectos Colaboradores: Jordi Sánchez, Gonzalo Martínez
Cálculo Estructural: Eskubi-Turró Arquitectes
Area: 2974.0 m2
Año: 2012
Fotógrafo: Cortesía de BCQ Arquitectura

Hogeland College / ADP Architecten

© Gerard Van Beek

Arquitectos: ADP Architecten
Ubicación: Warffum, Holanda
Arquitecto A Cargo: ADP Architects
Área Proyecto: 6000.0 m2
Año Proyecto: 2013
Fotografías: Gerard Van Beek

Cowspiracy Documentary: “The Film That Environmental Organizations Don’t Want You to See”

Cowspiracy Official Trailer from First Spark Media on Vimeo.

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret is a feature-length environmental documentary following a San Francisco filmmaker as he investigates the most destructive industry facing the planet today: large-scale animal factory farming. As he investigates, he encounters a surprising resistance to discuss the subject amongst the very organizations he expected to find leading the charge against the industry. The film then takes a two-pronged approach: exposing the environmental destruction caused by factory farming and investigating just exactly why the world’s leading environmental organizations seem too afraid to talk about it.

VIDEO: How to make an electricity-free radiant space heater that heats your home for pennies a day

Would you believe that you can heat your space with a few candles and a couple of flower pots, all for just pennies a day? It might be difficult to imagine, but it’s easy to do, as this video shows in a brilliant step-by-step demonstration. With just a few items that are readily available at your local hardware store, you can create an electricity-free radiant heater that’ll keep a room toasty and comfortable, for less than the cost of a fancy latte. Click through to learn how you can DIY one of these heaters for yourself:

Scientists discover that trees yelp when they’re running out of water

tree, trees, sounds, pop, drought, water, ultrasonic, grenoble, duke, university, marmottant

If a tree falls in the forest with no one around, does it make a sound? According to new research by French scientists, dying trees emit noises that indicate their imminent demise before they ever hit the ground. Huffington Post reports that lab experiments carried out by researchers at Grenoble University in France have determined that when trees are suffering in drought conditions, they make “ultrasonic pops” that are 100 times faster than the human ear can hear. The researchers used slivers of dead pine trees soaked in a hydrogel to simulate a living tree, then exposed the gel to an artificially dry environment and listened for noises caused by air bubbles building up—which simulates what a tree goes through during a drought.