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Bye Bye Boring Workspace: 12 Office Arrangements That Feel Fresh & Fun

[ By SA Rogers in Design & Furniture & Decor. ]

Fun workspace features like slides and outlandishly creative office design schemes get a lot of attention, but ultimately, the individual workspaces where employees carry out most of their daily tasks are more germane to both happiness and productivity. Should they be private, or prioritize openness and collaboration? Should they be serious, or a little quirky and fun? These 12 modern workspaces show how various companies and designers have answered those questions, and most of the time, the solutions are somewhere in between – with a heavy emphasis on adaptability and choice.

Treehouse 2 by Dymitr Malcew

Creative Ideas to Brighten up Your Office Space

When we think about brightening up an office space, we tend to think about lighting and splashes of colour. Fair enough. However, as many people find, growing space issues and clutter can turn any place into a stressful mess and become a drab interior. Have you ever noticed how bright your office looks just by clearing surfaces? Whether you work from home or in a corporate environment, there are creative and workable solutions that you can integrate into an office setting.

Colourful Canvas Art


Ok, yes, we are talking about the “splashes of colour” part. Purchasing a canvas print IS a great way to brighten up a drab office instantly. In fact, why stop at one? You could switch a print to a different one every couple of months or sooner. Who says that you have to look at the same picture time after time? Go further! With services that can take your pictures to a new level, you can have custom, lightweight artwork that can work well on your walls. These can be pictures that motivate you to work harder, such as pictures of your children, or a beautiful shot of a desired travel destination. Have a new goal? Switch up your wall art.

NASA Green

Oficinas: Contenedores

El uso de contenedores en arquitectura está comenzando a experimentar un interesante desarrollo que está haciendo patente su potencial para generar interesantes soluciones constructivas de bajo costo.  Estos grandes cajones metálicos para el transporte de mercancías se transforman, recortan, apilan o unen, creando un nuevo objeto habitable.

A continuación SOS presenta, para nuestra sección  “OFICINAS”, tres proyectos de oficinas que utilizan contenedores de mercancía para crear los espacios.

+ Oficina Sugoroku / Daiken-Met Architects

La oficina japonesa Daiken-Met Architects ha construido recientemente la oficina Sugoroku, su estudio de arquitectura en Gifu, Japón. Un marco móvil, compatible con contenedores apilados, conforma las áreas de trabajo y los espacios habitables en la planta superior. Este “edificio” representa un modelo de estructura temporal, la estructura puede ser desmontada y reconstruida en otro lugar.

Modern Office Space in the Middle of the Nature by Selgas Cano

What would you say if you had your office located in the woods? We bet it would be an interesting experience and the idea of working in the middle of the nature is certainly an unconventional office design approach. Spanish architecture firm Selgas Cano is responsible for this creative office space, which is in fact their own architecture office situated amongst downtown Madrid’s trees.

Its exterior appears as a long and narrow tube like structure with half of it opaque to ensure privacy and with a huge window on the other half, that makes you feel a part of the nature, while flood the office space with natural light from the surrounding landscape. Looking at these pictures, the view is fantastic whether you’re inside or outside. The building which is almost underground built features an extremely minimalist design inside. Vibrant lime, yellow and orange touches contrast with the dominant interior color, white, giving a fresh and appealing look. Enjoy the photos!

Modern office design1

Selgas Cano office exterior

Paradox Interactive by Adolfsson & Partners | Office facilities

<b>An office beyond your imagination.</b> <b>Paradox Interactive creates grand strategy computer game for picky gamers all over the world.</b> The people working for this company are dedicated gamers themselves, and could be referred to as nerds. We decided to embrace that, putting references, characters and scenery from Paradox’s different games merged into the interior design in a subtle way. Graphic illustration, hexagon shapes and striking photo covered walls as backdrops are put together with nerdy codes and stunning space visuals. The result is an office for multiple players, and a lot of winners. Adolfsson & Partners continue

Consultorio Medico en la Envia / Castillo Miras Arquitectos

© Fernando Alda

Arquitecto: Castillo Miras Arquitectos
Ubicación: Almería, España
Arquitectos A Cargo: Luis Castillo, Miguel Barahona
Area: 295.0 m2
Año: 2006
Fotografía: Fernando Alda

Oficinas Dones del 36 / Zest Architecture

Descripción de los arquitectos. Un despacho de arquitectura y una empresa de negocio por internet: dos empresas muy diferentes con una fluctuación de personal por temporadas o según proyecto. Un despacho grande y diáfano que presenta preguntas tales como: ¿Cómo compartirlo sin perder la esencia del espacio, la luz ni la vista?

© Adrià Goula

 La respuesta fue, como debe ser en la buena arquitectura, tan ingeniosa como sencilla. Una caja polivalente organiza el espacio en distintas zonas, según cada una de las caras de este cubo. Las mesas de trabajo están diseñadas para dar espacio a más o menos trabajadores según la exigencia temporal, sin dejar nunca el aspecto triste de mesas individuales vacías. Los materiales utilizados son paneles de bambú para el mobiliario, pino aceitado para las mesas de trabajo y microcemento plateado para el pavimento con tomas de electricidad integradas.

Estudio Blurlogroño / Blur Arquitectura

© Berta Buzunariz

Arquitectos: Blur Arquitectura
Ubicación: La Rioja
Architect In Charge: Alex Borrás, Enric Farrerons, Octavio Pérez
Ingenieros: Protec Ingenieros Sl
Constructora: Construcciones Roy Sa
Colaboradores: Enric Guivernau
Área: 6313.0 m2
Año Proyecto: 2009
Fotografías: Berta Buzunariz

Herstal City Hall / Hotel de Ville de Herstal by Frederic Haesevoets Architecte | Office buildings

This approach develops through a generous act, mixing modernity and organic. It is about creating a new way of discovering, moving, getting your bearings, and working. Creating sensuality. Adopting this approach we have developed this project for the building of the Herstal City Hall. Our objective: to create it in a surprising and innovative way. The setting up of the building is divided into 2 parts. This allows creating a largely open pedestrian area which lets us discover an inside made of patches of vegetation conceived as a public garden. The choice of tree species and other vegetables has been made according to their flowering, persistence, pigmentation and their smell in order to get a continuously changing nature from March to December. The impact of car traffic is played down as cars drive on grass seeded flagstones as well as on outside parking places. Located on a sloping parcel of land with a difference in height of several meters the building commits itself to an continue

Origami / Manuelle Gautrand Architecture

© Vincent Fillon

Arquitectos: Manuelle Gautrand Architecture
Ubicación: 36 Avenue de Friedland, 75008 Paris, Francia
Arquitecto A Cargo: Manuelle Gautrand
Arquitecto Gerente De Proyecto: Yves Tougard
Estructura: Khephren
Área: 5800.0 metros cuadrados
Año: 2011
Fotografías: Vincent Fillon