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Gaoui Village African Traditional Architecture

Gaoui is a craft village located 10km north-east of N'Djamena the capital city of Chad folklore says that the village was once the capital of the Sao civilisation - a  race of giants.
It is now known for its spectacular traditional architecture and pottery.

Arquitectos de Indonesia trabajan para preservar y reconstruir las tradicionales chozas cónicas Mbaru Niang

© Aga Khan

Las chozas Mbaru Niang, tradicionales en la remota Isla de Flores en Indonesia, constituyen uno de los patrimonios culturales más importantes del mundo. El año pasado, el proyecto de preservación de las estructuras ganó un premio de excelencia en los 2012 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards en la categoría de Conservación del Patrimonio Cultural. Actualmente, los esfuerzos de estos arquitectos han dado nuevos frutos al ser nombrados finalistas del Premio Aga Khan de Arquitectura, al rescatar los últimos cuatro ejemplares existentes en la isla.

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First State-Licensed Recreational Marijuana Stores Open in Colorado

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New Year’s Day marked the beginning of a new era in the state of Colorado, where residents over 21 can now legally purchase up to an ounce of marijuana with nothing more than their ID. Voters in Washington also approved recreational marijuana in 2012, but Colorado was keen to see the bill put into action as soon as possible. Of more than 300 marijuana businesses in Colorado that have begun to receive their state and local licenses to operate legally, only a few dozen were able to complete the rigorous inspection and approval process in time to open their doors for the New Year.

Grid Corrections: Rural Detours Reflect Curvature of the Earth

[ By WebUrbanist in Culture & History & Travel. ]

jefferson grid corrections

Driving along a straight highway in the American countryside, you may find yourself forced to turn right or left, then turn again just to keep moving ahead, all to compensate for a rectilinear planning system imposed on a spherical planet.

grid correction

Picture running two fingers along a globe from the equator to the North Pole, starting an inch apart but following parallel lines. Eventually, they will converge and ultimately they will touch. At smaller scales, the effect is all but invisible, but when tens of miles are involved, and as seen from the sky, it becomes quite pronounced.

brid broken road system

Transparent Intentions: 13 Glass Additions to Historic Architecture

[ By SA Rogers in Architecture & Houses & Residential. ]

Transparent additions to historic architecture physically expand the space while making the subtlest possible changes to the building exteriors, allowing you to see the original structures right through the glazed walls. Augmenting 500-year-old farmhouses,  Victorian row houses in London and some of Paris’ most iconic-looking apartment buildings, these modern glass extensions aim to blend in with the sky, offering transitions to gardens and bringing natural light into formerly dark interiors.

17th Century Manor Update by Jonathan Tuckey Design